Thank You from Boris

  • Thank you everyone for re-electing me last night and embracing my message of Get Football Index Done.

    As promised I will now implement my manifesto for the good of the whole community. As a reminder here are the key winning pledges:

    • Significant annual dividend increases

    • No rises in commission

    • An end to abnormally large spreads

    • Media Boost transparency

    • Huge summer promotions

    • Reduction in the number of deposit bonuses

    • Expansion into new territories

    • More promotional activity than ever before

    • Nottingham Forest and Fulham goodies galore

    • Signed bedside photos of Adam Cole for all traders

    Let's unlock the potential of this great community and bring prosperity to us all.

  • @Boris999
    Cracking bring it on Boris!!! 😂😂👍👍

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