Tosin Adarabioyo

  • Could be recalled by Man City in January, with their centre back issues.

    Is doing well on loan at Blackburn. Has been highly rated for a long time.

    Currently 63p following a quick sell off. But what price if he is recalled? Surely at least £1, being English?

  • @JK as a Rovers fan I’d be surprised if they recall him only just got our last half dozen games due to our injuries at CB.

    He has looked good on the ball and is a decent defender but he does have at least 2 mistakes a game in him currently; certainly one for CA but as I say would highly doubt he’ll go back and straight into their first team

  • They could see it as a good opportunity to develop him, especially as the title gets more out of reach. It could be now or never for him at City.

    He's 22 but he's effectively a youngster when you consider amount of games played, level played at and centre backs developing later. Hell of a lot of improvement to come I think.

    I'd compare him to Tomori, who also had a mistake in him every game last season in the Championship. And he's £1.80! Can see him going a similar route. But might have to leave City in the summer.

  • @Sav2000 Off topic but how do you rate Joe Rothwell's potential?

    He's not on FI but looks to have the ability to make it at PL level to me.

  • I know he's is highly thought of at Man City and maybe this was Pep's rationale for not replacing Kompany in the summer thinking he'd get through this season and then next year Tosin would appear, however he didn't count on Laporte getting injured so maybe bringing things forward 6 month to Jan.

    Not sure about the mistakes in everygame mind @Sav2000 , SofaScore must have missed them as only has him down as 1 error leading to a shot and none leading to a goal:


  • @JK said in Tosin Adarabioyo:

    @Sav2000 Off topic but how do you rate Joe Rothwell's potential?

    He's not on FI but looks to have the ability to make it at PL level to me.

    I used to love Rothwell when we had him at Oxford. I think he suffered from never really getting a set role for us that suited his style but he also picked up a fair few injuries which must have hampered him, plus he never really got enough goals.

    Hope he makes it, great player to watch.

  • @JK I really like Rothwell hard working box to box player and links up with Dack well.

    Not sure he would be good enough for the next step up but if he keeps developing at his current rate then maybe.

  • @Joev Noticed him a year ago against us at Bramall Lane. Couldn't believe how quick he is. Has an explosive burst of pace and the close control to go with it. I see he's had a good run in the Blackburn team recently. He along with Dasilva was my big tip to have a breakthrough season in that league.

    I think Blackburn are a very interesting team generally. Lot of potential in that team.

  • @Brane_Ormso don’t get me wrong I’m not saying he’s bad just not sure he’s ready for CL or EPL yet.

    He was at WBA last season and highly rated by them my understanding is he came to use to continue that development not sure why Pep would throw him in when he’s not really giving Foden a good run.

    Next season for sure he’s in their first team squad

  • @Sav2000 I'm defo not an expert and as a Blackburn fan you'll have seen him a lot more than me. He may make mistakes and is bailed out by a team mate before anything too bad happens.

    Only difference between him and Foden is Foden has world class players ahead of him who are playing well. Tosin has an out of form Stones, hit and miss Otamendi and an ageing Brazilian midfielder. It may be a gamble that Pep takes if he can't get anyone he likes in Jan or how far away Laporte is from a return.

  • Pep's said there won't be any signings in January. If so that would make a recall more likely.

  • @JK I know he said that but lets be honest, if it looks like things are slipping away and someone becomes available he'd buy them.

    I agree recall would be more likely but suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

  • I was at the game yesterday - him and Lenihan were solid in defence playing a high line. Hopefully he isn't recalled as we aren't exactly flush with defensive options ourselves!

    Saying that, I'm not sure his prem quality yet and I'm not sure he'll ever be CL quality. Backup maybe.

  • @JK local media tends to be a bit closer to what might happen at lower leagues clubs; not a definite he’s staying until the end of the season but more likely than not (thank god for me as a Rovers fan)

    [](link url)

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