Josh DaSilva

  • Hi all,

    New user to the forum.

    Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts on Josh Dasilva are?

    £1.18 this morning, is he still worth investment? And where do you think we will be in a month?


  • I sold him a couple of days ago. He’s went up around 40% in a week so I’d be careful if buying now.

  • @Leroy Personally I would hold. Look at some of the other top young players in Championship: Eze is at £1.93, Bowen is at £1.81. Shows that Dasilva at £1.18 has still got plenty to increase.

  • Have been on Dasilva since April and will continue to hold.

    When he gets a transfer link it will cement all the hype and drive the price above £1.50.

    People will look at Eze as a guide. And Bowen (wow!).

    He's a genuine top prospect and could be playing for England within 2 years. His combination of technical and physical attributes is outstanding.

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