Max Kruse

  • Someone must of put a shed load of max kruse for sale dropped loads today so thought 106 at 49p ain’t a bad deal with outside chance of German World Cup squad... can’t get many strikers of his standard for 49p happy days!!!

    Am I missing something?

  • @Chicken-Badge

    I’ve had him before and he won me about £10 in media buzz in November 1p spread and lots of fluctuations too think I got a bargain here

  • Thanks for the tip have followed you in for 100

  • @NewUser25953 said in Max Kruse:

    Thanks for the tip have followed you in for 100

    I got him in November he scored a Hat-Trick v hoffenheim I think it was and same game got a assist too. Scored 235 points and won performance buzz he ain’t won it since but he started last game at centre attack I sold my shares last time at 56p after the Buzz win of about £10 think I had about 65 at the time but bought them I think just less than this price now I made money off the buzz and increase sold and been wanting to buy back but he’s been tranding around 53p to 56p since when I’ve looked

    I always look at spreads and it’s saying 1p so can’t realy go wrong sometime in 3 years he’s going to go up... one of very few if any strikers who start in top 5 leagues under 50p that I’ve actualy heard of if he gets in German squad oviously not starter has Timo Werner is its got to help the price.

    He used to play for Germany too but was a bad boy and got in trouble with manager I think it’s a well interesting future to own but at £49 for hundred I think we’ve done good. One of them you’d not want more than 100 of but at 100 a good balance in portfolio 💼

  • @Chicken-Badge gotta agree. Imagine he gets in the WC squad. Or scores a hat-trock one day or looks good for PB in an early game. Or any transfer link. All of this could easily see him gain a tiny 10 up to 60. Pre tax profit of 20% right there. And a small spread like u said.

  • @John-Renwick He was in the squad 2 years ago to play England till this which is soooooo funny. I think the reason he’s so low back in the day FI was IPO 50 players a day and many got overlooked due to volume. I remember the 1st November and players piping up everywhere and was all over the place. If you start with lowest price he’s first striker to stand out. Works out about 22 of him to every one naymar so for every penny he makes Neymar needs to make 22p so even him going back to 60p like he was last week is akin to 2-42p worst case Sonario if he don’t make squad you still have 100 futures at start of season for a striker where there’s less strikers than any other possition.

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