Missing Person:

  • Jean-Phillipe Mateta
    22 year old French striker playing for Mainz

    The German side's top scorer last campaign

    Has been linked with an array of Premier League clubs. And by array, I mean Tottenham, Newcastle and Sunderland, but I'm passive with research, the list is probably higher.

    Had surgery in the summer. His due date varied between late October and mid November but we're half way through December and he hasn't returned, I haven't found any news on him returning and I haven't found any updates suggesting there have been issues or setbacks.

    In fact, all I've found is he and a couple of pals are becoming increasingly annoying to other teammates as they won't carry water bottles and play shit music at top volume in the changing rooms etc. We all know that guy (if you don't, it's you!!) so his quality and diminishing popularity suggest he could be off.

    I just want an update. There's absolutely nothing, not even on Mainz' fan forums.

  • 0_1576280310953_Screenshot_20191213-233738.png

    Transfer market states 31/12

  • He's currently locked in a bunker in Sweden give Andy M a call after the police have finished their enquiries

  • @DW cheers. My problem is that there are such varying reports and even though most updates said mid November, I've not seen anything about a setback or a reason why it's now New Year.

  • I last saw him heading north west towards the heartlands of Antarctica.

    He was with Landry Dimata...... He mumbled something about Admiral Byrd

  • He’s joined a secret cult with amath ndiaye

  • @Ericali You didn't happen to notice if Asier Illarramendi was with them did you?!

  • @Tom77 😂😂or Amath McCann as I like to call him
    (Although i have seen images of him training on Twitter)

  • Courtesy of Google translate...

    **After six months of injury

    Mainz striker Mateta fit again

    Mainz 05 coach Achim Beierlorzer has 22 fit field players for Saturday's game against Borussia Dortmund. Striker Jean-Philippe Mateta, who had been injured for months, is finally returning.

    Against Borussia Dortmund , Bundesliga soccer team FSV Mainz 05 want to get back on track on Saturday (3:30 p.m. / Sky). "It's an absolute top team, a real challenge. We have to be wide awake, focused and aggressive," said coach Achim Beierlorzer on Thursday. The Franke analyzed the poor performance in the 1-2 in Augsburg with the team.

    "We have to think about the positive things," said the 52-year-old. After a back operation, captain Danny Latza is missing in the upcoming English week. Ridle Baku can help again after serving a red ban. "I have 22 fit outfield players," said Beierlorzer. After almost six months of injury, this also includes goalscorer Jean-Philippe Mateta. The striker dropped out due to a meniscus tear. "It gave me the opportunity to think a lot about things that I hadn't noticed before. I spent a lot of time with the family," the 22-year-old told the SWR. Now he was ready to practice the sport he loved more than anything.**


    Guess who's back.

  • @Allams-Out
    Mainz: Zentner – St. Juste, Fernandes, Niakhate (c) – Öztunali, Baku, Kunde, Martin – Boetius – Onisiwo, Quaison
    Out: Bell (ankle), Latza (back), Mateta (knee)
    Doubtful: Ji (knee)
    Coach: Achim Beierlorzer

    Official Bundesliga site team news still lists him as out.

  • Looks like he's made the bench today!

  • He was subbed on in the 81st minute today, did anyone see him play?

  • Came off the bench and scored today

  • @Willhurr I watched an hour of it. Mainz played like Barcelona. It was amazing. Boteus or whatever his name is was playing blinding.

    Good to see Mateta notch.

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