Price movement?

  • Not sure if I should keep the price movement on or off
    An there’s nothing that explains this
    Can someone help

  • It's mainly for when buying IPOs or buying in a boom.

    If you tick it it means if the price changes whilst your trade is going through you accept paying the new price. You might click on an IPO at 1£ but because 1000 other traders did at the same time you may end up paying £1.20. If you didn't tick it your trade wouldn't go through as the price moved.

    For general trading you don't need to tick it, you can pay the price you see.

  • Also can happen if there's a goal scored in a big game and everybody is watching and jumping on potential IPD winner.

    When Origi scored in the Champions League final, the ticker went mental with traders buying up 300s at a time. He shot about 5p in 20 seconds

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