Dynamo Kiev v Lazio 93p Europa League

  • Dynamo Kiev are playing Lazio in Kiev just looked on website and tickets available at/from 35 grvna (93p)
    Been there a few times seen Depeche Mode there last year, pretty easy to get to either Doncaster Sheffield to polish city then a flight to Kiev next day or coach from Lublin to Lviv and train to Kiev I’ve got there for £50 return before now ideal for anyone with futures or interest in Europe league

    If anyone ever wants to go to a match there 23 or 20 something trolleybus from international airport about 15p to Metro Station then 15p to Palats Sporto metro or next next stop! Or uber for a few quid.. (maybe £3 or so) never get taxi on spec they will rip you off!!

    Best city Europe and right now one of the most cheapest city’s on the planet!!

    Been there so many times cheap food beer hot women(many like slim supermodels) great clubs, friendly people just be careful if in independence square Maidan!

    Just thought I’d give people abit of insight into a hidden gem of a capital city

    Put in off topics has not trading related directly just thought I’d share the information

  • Went there twice during Euro 2012, agreed on all fronts although Odessa was more attractive in some ways :-)

  • @Agatello said in Dynamo Kiev v Lazio 93p Europa League:

    Went there twice during Euro 2012, agreed on all fronts although Odessa was more attractive in some ways :-)

    At Euro 12 Ukraine 🇺🇦 was twice has dear has it is today. The 2014 revolution and war with Russia means you get twice has much to the pound than you did in 2012 flip side is the supermodel women are living in poverty(has there money’s worth 50% of 2012 value! ) ...

    I’ve been to both Kiev and Odessa and I prefer Kiev I’ve had a few girlfriends in Kiev last few years all slim with looks like models (nice girls with good jobs (doctors designers etc not Lazy girls) I’m really into the Slavic look! I learned russian and it’s really come in handy!! The one time I went to Odessa the girls was looking for rich old fat Americans.... and after money! Kiev girls are Girl next door if pipelined before hand or if there from places like Cherkasy they’ll travel to Kiev and stay with you a week... unreal I know your married??? but for some of the single guys on here it’s the place to be.... I seen Armin Van Buuren there last Febuary at concert all drinks and food was £1 compare that to Wembley the girl I went with was lovely she couldn’t believe I took her, a ticket was 2 weeks wages there... it’s the white third world there now. women buy clothes before food hence there all nicely dressed and slim! Will be going to champions league matches in Ukraine next season I hope.

    If my family wasn’t in England I’d live there for sure. Often thought of setting up a website showing normal looking guys like myself how to date the best looking women who have jobs and personality to match in Eastern Europe

    I’ve put it in off topics has some may see this has taboo and none football related but in England we don’t realise how much we have it good... a teacher in Ukraine gets paid less than cost of two of 2x Neymar futures a week...

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