The curious case of Timo Werner

  • Timo is one of the best strikers in Europe scoring week in week out in Bundasliga and Champs league, He is only 23 and a sure starter for Germany in the summer so why isn’t any money going into him?
    Since hitting 4.10 he’s been on a decline with a little going in before games but coming out straight after
    Is it the winter break?
    Is he a bad PB scorer?
    Is it a potential move?

    What’s stopping this boy being £5?

  • I would say since the big increase after the div announcement there not been much money going into any of the top end players with no big movers but he’s deffo one of my favourite and what I would say my safest holds

    Actually just looked at my port and he’s my third highest div earner behind Messi and Sterling but realised he’s nearly 90p cheaper than Depay who is my 4th highest div earner so deffo getting value for money from him

  • If you look at his 3 month graph you can see the massive spike in price, and now stagnation for a month or so.. but also corresponds to the footie.... there are also a lot of graphs that look like this at the top end waiting for the next footie increase.. to benifit most would be buying in these periods of stagnation and holding your nerve until the next spike. ( If you believe the player is value still)

    Can anyone think of when that might be 🤔...

  • Actually there is a good deal of strength I see in his current price.
    He has more or less maintained his price where many others have dripped away of late.

    The reason why besides his good pb performance can be seen in his stats.

    Add to this Euros where he is first choice striker for Germany plus undoubted transfer speculation esp if Leipzig go for Haaland.

  • Could be because of his links to Athletico which are certainly putting me off, as I think that would be a disaster for his PB scores.

  • @TwattyRaphael god I hope not, look what they've done to poor lemar:/

  • Links to Chelsea today, gonna be a lot more over next month I’m sure

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