Nursery rhyme

  • Anyone remember the nursery rhyme 'eeny meeny miny moe'?

    Well come january, liverpool will have 'Gini mini mane mo'


  • @Ddr Then come July

    Bye Mo Bye Mo, its off to Madrid you go...

  • @Ole-ole very good indeed

    May happen as well, cant decide whether itd be good or bad for lfc to move him on

  • @Ddr If the rumours are to be believed and Klopp wants Mbappe, then I could very well see it happening, Mbappe and Mane would be unstoppable with Firminho, Im not a huge fan of Salah this year (speaking as a sports fan not an FI perspective)

  • @Ole-ole yeah, with the Nike partnership happening as well I'd think that both lfc and Nike would want a global superstar there to take full advantage

    Also got minamino coming in to provide competition and I think harry Wilson may well be retained in the squad next season as well, plenty of options

    Salah doesn't seem as important to the team performance the way he was for the last couple of seasons, mane is quickly becoming the main man

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