Overpriced Players

  • There was a lot of attention on Milner last week with that dreadful whoscored 'tip' and it got me thinking about the players that ipod at ridiculous prices. Milner is the most widely used example but there are several players in the top 200, romeu, dante, rafinha (rafael ferreria) to name a few, who are just stuck at their prices and taking up space in the top 200.
    What are the realistic options for this? Can FI adjust their price/would they/should they? Or as the index grows are other players just going to gradually overtake them and force them down?

  • @NewUser108660

    I think a easy solution is this where a sell price is same has, lower but no greater than the ipo price Bet index should reserve the right to remove and give back the trader the money he paid buy price has a credit only! to put on a different selection! the player subjected to the bet realignment should then be ipo at a 50p start has standard this would make plenty of interest in milners and kings....

  • @NewUser108660 we were told these players would naturally reduce over time as no one bought them but after 4 months this has yet to start happening.

  • I don't see the harm in them to be honest. Obviously if everyone was overpriced we'd have a stagnant market which wouldn't work, but as it is just a few examples all they do is make MB a bit easier to win! And if the Index keeps growing at the recent rate some of them might represent value by the World Cup ...

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