Loss of confidence when investing

  • I'd say this last month or so my confidence is definitely lower when deciding who to invest in. I'm doing pretty well overall, surpassing the target I set a year ago when I joined but I'm finding it difficult to see where to place money.

    I like to have a diverse portfolio and hold/have held players like Werner, Sancho, Mbappe, Kroos, Eriksen but also have plenty of sub £1 players such as Lazzari, Canales, Zagadou and Pinamonti to name a few.

    I used to feel like I couldn't put enough money in because there would be so many players who jumped out as good value. Now I will spend an hour looking, whittle it down to say 4 or 5 players but don't feel massively convinced by any of them.

    I have some money to invest but just don't know where to put it. Struggling to see value and I feel like a number of my most recent investments don't seem to be going how I'd hoped.

    Any advice? Anyone else had a crisis of confidence in their own ability on FI?

  • @BradD who are these recent investments?

    It might be that they could catch on any day now, or it might be that your not thinking enough about 'real world's factors. Or it might be that december is just slow, I've been beavering away having little successes here and there but just enough to combat the erosion in my elite PB players who are sliding a bit after huge surges, or at least that was the case until Depays injury! Christmas is undoubtedly making its presence felt. Or it might be that anybody in france/italy/spain/germany will at best stagnate for a few weeks on account of the winter breaks.

    Bottom line I suppose.....have a good look at where you're spending, then either re-think or trust your gut. Hopefully you've bought reasonably sensibly and any struggles are covered by one of the reasons above. But then there could be other logical reasons. It's impossible to write an exhaustive list of influences

    Any who...get on luca pellegrini before 3pm 😉👍💰

  • My recent investments would be below:

    Moi Gomez
    Maxime Lopez

    All the above have been bought in the last 30 days. I have also topped up on a few players I was down on such as Volland, Lainez and Amaechi.

    I've got a decent amount of money to invest (by my standards anyway) and hoping to invest in 3 players.
    Also torn on whether to top up on Rhian Brewster as I'm down on him and news of a January loan is surfacing

  • If you want to make money in the next month or so, use the money to invest in transfer targets.

    The transfer doesn't have to happen to make money - there just has to be speculation of such a deal.

  • Loads of value in the top end. I've a port with 21 players currently, average buy price of £3.50 ish (take out one player who i have 600 shares in at 51p and that jumps to £4ish - and I am up £256 in 10 days (+2%) - ok this is a particularly good patch, but the 50 day number is not to bad at just shy of £500/4%)

    Having players who will be in the hunt for PB on a regular basis is key. It also gives you peace of mind as they are far less stressful a hold as you know they will keep value.

  • I’d get PB players who have Euros and European football and have dropped in price lately.

  • @Indexical Sabitzer is on my wants list and in the next couple of weeks these players should start to recover some lost ground.
    Upcoming Winter break has obviously had an effect but some bargains will be had soon.

  • For anyone interested I have so far today gone for:

    Jeff Reine-Adelaide - injury this weekend means his price looks very attractive today. Happy to keep him as a long term hold, confident his price will increase.

    Marcelo Brozovic - Someone mentioned European football and euros...thought his price seems stable recently but still below it's peak. Inter have a decent Europa League draw and we all know how good Croatia are.

    Federico Bernardeschi - A Juventus player that has started 9 Serie A games and made 14 league appearances this season for 88p? Yes please. Way off his peak price, Italy international so European club football and Euros involvement. Has won top Forward 3 times, most recently 2 months ago when he posted a PB of 223.

    They are the 3 I have gone in on so far and my reasoning. Feel quite confident on all 3.

    Got a list of another 3 players I fancy but will sleep on it.

  • I’d be careful with Brozovic. Not sure he starts for Croatia with Modrić, Rakitic and Kovacic. And Sensi will be back soon, think he’s a better PB choice for Inter.

  • Brozovic seems to start more for Croatia than Rakitic and Kovacic do. For example he started both them nations league games against England and Spain.

    For Inter obviously being on the same team as Sensi and Barella is a slight worry but most big clubs generally have a few players capable of big PB scores.

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