Sheffield Utd - Hidden Gems?

  • Utd are the only team in the Premier League where I did not know a single player prior to their promotion. I've watched their games on MOTD and they're a good, organised team who play quite good football. A player was featured on MOTD last weekend, and I've looked at his pb scores, and I think he could be a gem under the radar: John Fleck. Only 57p.


  • Is he ever gonna get a better PB score than saturday? 2 goals including gwg, in a win with 57% possession. Think hes not a bad hold but unlikely to challenge on a gold/silver day

  • The problem with Sheffield Utd players is that unless they do something bizarre like Leicester did when they won the league, they are basically playing at the very top of their game right now. So...they can either sustain that which will likely see player prices rise a little, or they can start to drop down the table a little in which case people will dump their players if they perceive it as the wheels falling off.

    For sheff utd I'd be looking at the players who are really playing out of their skin and look like they could get a bigger transfer. If they are a team with no stand outs but play well as a team like Brighton and Bournemouth in recent years then it's unlikely that any of their players will be worth huge money in FI terms.

    I'd be looking for Sheff Utds version of Callum Wilson...clearly able to play for a bigger club, but not actually moving so transfer spec always comes around and sees people jump on. Maybe Mousset?

  • If I had to look for value in the Sheffield United squad, other than Mousset who I hold long term, I would look to their back line and players like Jack O' Connell (£0.47) and George Baldock (£0.83), both English, 25 and 26 respectively. Baldock already has 2 goals and 3 assists this season. If Utd continue their good form for the full season you may start seeing rumours of England call ups or moves to bigger teams. English players have a premium that you won't get with their quality Scottish and Irish players like Enda Stevens and Fleck, and it only takes a few whispers of interest for these players to see big spikes. You probably won't get Ben Chilwell levels of cap app, but you never know.

  • I only hold Muhamed Besic for Sheffield, He has only made a couple of cameo subs so far, no idea whether or not he will be any good for PB as he hasn't played much yet, hoping he will get some more game time and get noticed, or transfer, either or at that price im happy holding.

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