4 x Trades: Avg. 38.2% Profit in 38 Days


    Four trades with an average of 38.2% profit in 38 days. Each trade was a different type, and mainly short term:

    šŸ”¹ Undervalued player
    šŸ”¹ Youth talent
    šŸ”¹ Injured player
    šŸ”¹ Player transfer

    šŸ“ŗ Watch: https://youtu.be/OWE2974s5Gc

    0_1576526102788_4 x Trades - 38.2% Profit.jpg

  • The pick of the bunch.

    Originally planned as a medium term hold, it turned into a shorter hold after impressive performances and PB scores - as I had hoped. But what followed was unexpected. A call up to the Germany squad (due to key injuries in midfield).

    0_1576585432858_2. Suat Serdar.jpg

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