Questions for #FigCast Ep. 114 🙌👇


    This Thursday I’ll be rejoined by the great @Phil_Tyrer

    • Been on the index a couple of years
    • Likes economics 🔢
    • FITP hopeful 👮‍♂️

    Please do leave your questions/topics for us below! 👇

    #FootballIndex ~~

  • @The-FIG

    FITP = Football Index Twitter Police? 👮

    Following the Q&A with Adam Cole, does he think 2020 will be as good as 2019 in terms of growth for the index? What excites him the most, and can anything match the share split?

  • How long do you think football index will last?

  • Evening!

    Started listening to this again and really enjoying it. Thank you!

    Going on from Tom's question above, what do we think would cause the FI market to crash and could that ever mean it could simply shut down, therefore losing all money deposited?


  • @AlbionJack Thanks for your question mate!

    Glad you're enjoying the show.

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  • Fitp is childish.
    Seen the tweets on Twitter and comes across a school boy banter.

  • What do you think the impact would be if there was a spat between two premier league players on Twitter and one of them pulled out the "Mate, I am worth more than you on Football Index!" card to completely crush the other?

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