Strange market?

  • Seems a funny market last few days some odd players going up on Price and the general top player's seem too be decreasing

  • I’ve been hammered on eriksen and gundergan and Bernie silver other investment just about managed to prop these up but instant sell and Sod’s law they go up surprised on vardy going down with the Kane situation

  • Yeah I got stung bad on Werner but that's probably because he said he won't be moving in the summer. Leao has dropped pretty bad for me aswell and salah over the past few days

  • @Chicken-Badge some weird goings on shelvy Wagner, saqhiri, all going up and players like u mentioned dropping ever SMS is down -£30 in 3 days but fluctuation Will happen am confident these players will rise again

  • But of a dip because most of the Prem players haven't got a PB game for 3 weeks

    IMO best to sit tight and ride it out there's a trader meet on Saturday and the index usually kicks on after them

    Trader meet could be when WC PB plans are announced if that happens and the plans are generous then WC players could take off

    In any case might be worth holding some or all of the usual MB suspects as I think there's triple MB over the Int Break

  • Don't mean to rub it in but I'm cooking on gas at minute. Only Augustin gone down slightly, others are fluctuating up and down a few pence every day but my man Rashford is flying!

  • There should be money put on the usual suspects from the playthough money I hope. Dzyuba doing my head in up and down like a yo-yo sold him long back but not bought back at what he’s at now for a player in the russian leaugue at a third class team who’s not likely to be on plane now

  • @Dave-C

    No media and 1st 2nd 3rd all singles 4 4 4 6 star man would do me fine every day!!

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