New territories suspicions... $$$

  • @NewUser455434 talking jazz bruv. We have other nations on already without their players. They play fantasy football for the Premier league etc. Epl is a huge global brand @Westy is right... If FI opened up in America (or any Asian country) the EPL is where the money will go... Certainly from casual buyers who build a port based on players they know and watch. Every country will have a subset of traders who use more data analysis.

  • @NewUser455434 I think they are into the epl enough not to worry about the mls in the first case. Mls can be added if it is a success.
    But why would they want to buy oldies and not good enoughys?

    Keep it as it is.

  • I think the main concern is not if/when it gets introduced, but whether a US index will be able to be incorporated into the existing index, or whether (presumably due to license restrictions) it'll have to be a separate entity.

  • @Westy if your predictions come true, expect Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo’s price to rocket beyond all expectations. Neymar £12? Who knows 🤞

  • Aparantly it will be a different site altogether so we won't get the rewards from them joining.

  • @NewUser455434 i watched the arsenal man city game on NBC and they are right into the EPL they had huge screen set up along miami beach just for the game with plenty there watching it and i got the impression they set up these fanzones over there for a lot of EPL games

  • @Tom7471 said in New territories suspicions... $$:

    Aparantly it will be a different site altogether so we won't get the rewards from them joining.

    That would suck big time

  • @Tom7471 where'd you hear that? Odd as Canada etc use ours?

  • @Tom7471 said in New territories suspicions... $$:

    Aparantly it will be a different site altogether so we won't get the rewards from them joining.

    I really hope they dont go down this route. I understand why they would but id hate to see one version receive more love and attention than another or bad experiences affect the reputation of the other. Then theres the added maintenance of two platforms rather than one and then theres the biggest potentially disastrous problem of VPN’s being used meaning uk members may leave in there droves to get in at ground level on the new platform. Surely they really need to incorporate all countries into the one index to prevent the being abused or FI themselves spreading themselves to thin

  • @Black-wolf the future of the product will live and die on liquidity. Having seperate platforms would be of very little use to FI. I think any new territory would be on boarded, just like Ireland, Canada, NZ

  • @Westy Thanks for starting this thread. I was thinking about it after the Q&A but you beat me to it.
    In regard to a new territory, I couldn't see beyond Germany, Spain and Italy. But you make a good case for the USA.

  • @Black-wolf yeh I've said about the vpn problem before. Surely we would all leave to join a new one.

  • As @Tom7471 @Vespasian32 @Black-wolf has said, there's no point in a separate platform. At the Q&A earlier in the year after the pb dividend increases, someone joked to AC whether he was going to make us rich. That could only happen if the platform grows massively, e.g, from another big country being incorporated onto the existing platform.
    I can't see myself splitting my funds into two to join the other platform. It's all or nothing. I would probably join fully into the new platform hoping to get Neymar, Messi, Kane for 50p!

  • If they set up a new index in a different country, it would be because they've been unable to gain a licence for the current index to operate in that country.

  • I believe it's a distinct possibility, I think it was mentioned a while back that they were unable to get a licence in a country because they wouldn't allow in-play trading (IPO payouts).

  • @Bengal well we better all get our VPN subscriptions ready then.

    I have wondered about this though even if its an index for a separate sport. Should it all be within the one platform? Because we all know that ven the smallest change can have a drastic affect on our portfolios. New sport index’s from FI will cause this FI to tank as we all know how beneficial a product like this is to get in on early

  • @Black-wolf if they look to recreate this platform for another sport then surely it would have to be on a separate platform, otherwise youd have baseball players (eg) on the 'football' index?

  • @Ddr i know. Obviously i meant by way of some kind of rebrand way way way down the line. But i was thinking of it like a regular online bookies where you open the app then select a sport tab along the top. A load of different index in one app with one shared balance but individual dividend structures and portfolio’s

  • @Black-wolf so you mean rebrand it as 'sports index' and then have different 'departments' within the index representing the different sports? Yeah I guess that could work

  • @Ddr maybe not as radical a change as it would need to keep the familiar football index name after all the advertising. So maybe the ‘FI sports index’ or football & sports index’

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