Who would you choose

  • If you had to pick 3 players that you think would make a few quid short or long term for a Christmas gift (play nice not dirty guys) - one from the £4 upwards, one between £1 and £4 and finally one below a £ right now a who would it be and why - interested to see who would choose who and the reasons. For me it would be Naby Keita (short term) - might make a few shillings at the club world cup, ivan Perisic (hold for the Euros) and Jaydon Sancho - why not must be a good shout for a transfer. This is a newbie view after just a couple of weeks - what do the experts think.

  • Neymar- divs & Due some cap app too

    Foden- just under £4 but aside from Sancho is englands brightest young talent

    Coady- massively undervalued imo.hes a better CB than Maquire or Stones and is well over due an england call up

  • @Gary-T sorry just edit the resons why in. Im sure theres some better opinions to come but for me these are the best of the top of my head

  • Neymar - PB, MB and transfer speculation.
    Halstenberg - PB, CA and Euro's.
    Giroud - Transfer speculation and Euro's.

  • Neymar
    Virgil Van Djik
    Mitrovic or Moutinho

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