Paco Alcacer thoughts?

  • I do not have a big hold but like many of my holds he got injured within minutes of buying!

    Been holding firm after all we have 3 year bets and seen him return and score goals in fact but still not making starting team and is often unused sub.

    I am struggling to find any relevant news and will continue to hold but is anyone more aware of situation? Has he lost his place in starting 11 , are they just being careful with bringing him back or is he still struggling with the injury ?

  • I had him early this year, and was down 25% on him for a while. Then after what seemed ages he shot back up and I sold him at a healthy profit.

    So definitely hold - injured players tend to reach their pre injury value.

  • They're like Llamas i think...maybe a bit taller but with nicer fur

  • Why is his price dropping?

    He’s said he wants to leave and it appears Spurs want him.

    There’s a bit of posturing going on about the deal, but could be on.

  • @Ringers Haaland's signing will harm his chances at Dortmund. Transfer links seem weak.

  • @Alpilgrim he wasn’t playing anyway? Dortmund have named a price. Valencia and Sevilla are also linked. He’s going to go somewhere and then get game time

  • Price suffering as recently lacking game time, he will want first team footy to make sure he goes euros and competes with morata to be their main man up top. I see a loan move happening to a pb club, so itl be good news for holders as he will go where he will start, when he plays he scores and has it in him to score braces and hattys which put him in the pb div chances.

  • One I don’t understand. Why isn’t he attracting much money?

    Links to both Spurs and Man Utd.
    Positives for the deal coming off

    Both desperately need a goal scorer (at least for the rest of this season)

    Surplus at Dortmund, and there’ll want rid.

    Looks like Dortmund might be willing to loan him.

    He wants/needs regular football to stake his place for the Euros.

    Only downside is the interest from Spain, however if he is a regular starter anywhere he will score and rise.

  • So he got his move, stayed in a PB league, scored on his debut yet not a great deal movement.

    If he picks up his early season form then over the next few months he can only head in one direction, question is does he do enough to go to the Euros and what price can he realistically hit?

  • He will certainly rise, hopefully a goal in the next game and folk will start taking notice.

  • I'd dump him, look at the graphs, since august he has gone down about 30p. 100's of other players out there better buy or hold than him. Between now and the end of season, he go up 1p only to go down 2. He is one of these players if he scores, he will go up a bit, if he does not, everyone thinks he has turned s£$t, over night so prices plummets.

  • @NewUser160592 had a look at the graphs? Did you?
    He’s 20p up from a low of 1.33 a few weeks ago. This while not being first choice at a very talented Dortmund side. Now he’s first choice he will rise. His goal scoring record is decent. Easy a £2 player again.

  • @NewUser160592 since August he’s been injured and lost his place in the Dortmund team, got a transfer and scored on his debut....graphs are great if you consider context.

  • I've been sniffing around players who have had long consistent drops and hopefully have potential to rise again once the footy restarts and shift is away from Media. Anybody got any thoughts on Paco Alcarer at the moment, he fell out of favour at BVB got a move back to spain and his price is well well below his max. Think he could be a good destination for some Media Madness divs? I've not seen loads of him but he knows where the net is and could do well for Villareal and see a nice little rise. Outside shout for Spain's Euros squad also??

  • Definitely a goal scorer, was disappointing that he didn’t bag a few pre the shutdown, that would have seen him rise a bit. Needs a brace or trick on a Monday night when he stands out and he’ll shoot up.
    At his current price he will be a decent IPD but when footie resumes and he has the right run of games.

  • @Ringers Thats'd just made me think, if they finish this season in a tournament style format (which has been suggested) ie lots of games, behind closed doors, in a short period of time IPDs could be much more valuable suddenly... 🤔

  • @9stevo
    I'm thinking along similar lines. I managed to get on a few that dropped significantly (Gosens, Max, Cornet) before they bounced back up. There are still a number of good options out there that have had similar drops that are yet to get a similar rise.

    I looked at Alcacer but I decided to go for Gerard Moreno in the end. He's dropped from a peak of £1.60 to £1.16. He's also started featuring for the Spanish team, scoring 3 goals in their last 2 games. His PB scores are also significantly better than Alcacers. Moreno has a PB average of 100 and a PB max of 296.

    I'm not poo-pooing Alcacer as an option, I have him on my watchlist, but I think Moreno is also worth a look in that price range.

  • @Vaughany said in Paco Alcacer thoughts?:


    nice, very similar graph to be honest, he's going on the list also 👍

  • His high peak is a bit false, he had a huge pump on the back of nothing.

    He is injured a lot and doesn't play 90 mins.

    He is a decent ipd player but no more.

    Now at Villarreal on a permanent deal hw will have no euro football next season and no transfer spec.

    Value would be someone like Borja Iglesias at 63p, same sort of club - having a bad season though himself.

  • @Tom77
    I'll respectfully disagree. He's not injured a lot. He's played 25 out of 27 league games for Villareal this season, with 11 goals and 3 assists. He's also scored 3 in 3 for Spain in the qualifiers in 2020.

    He's also got very decent PB scores and anyone buying him would be doing so for when football starts again not for MB or transfer spec. He's not a 1/2 month flip. Sure, no CL/EL football next year doesn't help him.

    I don't get the comparison with Iglesias at all. Iglesias isn't even a decent IPD hold (3 goals in 24 games in La Liga this year). No CL/EL himself, no prospect of featuring for Spain at the Euros next year (unlike Moreno), no transfer spec/MB , rubbish PB scores (average of 21 and a max of 147). For what it's worth too, Moreno has already delivered 13p of PB dividends.

    Nothing personal, just my opinion of course, but the two players couldn't be more different.

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