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  • @Coleyscrooge said in Takumi Minamino:

    @ScouseSte I’ve just taken some profit on Haaland and he sold to market in minutes - seems there is lots of buying going on today

    Yea deffo seems to be. Needed more funds for Xmas prezzies so I listed 25 Andy Robertsons and 7 have gone within a few hours. Surprised by that

  • @MUFC Not really when a certain defender is 3 times the price and unlikely to win PB more often than Minamino when he starts. In my view Liverpool will be using him regularly as they have so many fixtures and if you’ve seen him play, he’s far better than any bench warmer.

  • @TeamGB how did you work out Trent is not more likely to win more PB?

  • @ChazFI123 Because he’s a defender and recently been given less attacking responsibilities. Also, I really believe Minamino is absolutely class and will rack up the PB. I’ve been watching a lot of RB Salzburg and although some of the teams they play aren’t great, he really stands out.

  • @TeamGB personally I’d be amazed if Klopp long term tries to keep TAA in the more defensive role, teams would target him he’s proved countless times his defending really needs improvement. But if you really believe in this lad then fair enough, good luck with him!

  • @TeamGB bench warmer, who is he gonna replace?

  • Sure he will get playing time but problem is he probably won't be playing 90 mins in many PB games. As well as the big 3 they have shakiri and origi. They also tend to not rush new signings in.

    He may well be the kind of player who is worth picking up if he drops in price after transfer goes through.

  • @MUFC I think he’ll be rotated with the other top guys as they have a ton of fixtures this season.

  • @TeamGB what you mean the same fixtures as everyone else bar a world club cup, they only got league, champs league in march a few FA cup games. If salah, firmino and mane are fit then they play

  • @MUFC Champions League is very likely to be more than just March! Think perhaps you aren’t happy the price has risen so much?

  • @TeamGB no just looking from the outside in he is a very expensive hold, do you really think he is going to get that much game time to hold his current price up? If you do then fair enough but I don't personally see it, he is a 7m signing so of it doesn't work it's no real money lost to Liverpool, just don't think he'll get real game time to even get anywhere near affecting pb scores which is what his current price suggests he will be

  • @MUFC There’s a lot of press about what an incredible deal they’ve got for that £7mil. I don’t disagree with what you’re saying but feel he deserves a look at first when he starts playing before judging if he’s overvalued or not. There’s plenty of players at much higher prices such as some of these youngsters who haven’t proven they’ll get big PB scores regularly yet.

  • He is way over valued as is.
    The lad will barely get game time with the likes of origi and Keita on form knocking on the door competing with a deadly in form front 3 , where you also have the overated ox also pushing for minutes .
    He won’t start a meaningful game in the short to medium term as klopp has shown time and time again that he prefers working on new signings on the training field on fitness ..... before giving them minutes.
    Best bet for him is that the league gets wrapped up early and then he alongside other prospects are sure to get decent game time ... that will be at least 3 months away .

  • @TeamGB totally agree with you on that point players like Hudson odoi I think are well over priced for what they bring to the table on the index, maybe a good pb player long term but a big gamble at that cost

  • It's nice the way Minamino hasn't been announced officially yet because Klopp wanted to wait until a treble media day on FI 😁.
    Oh, what day is it now? 😉

  • Whether Minamino is over-valued or not, one piece of advice people often give on here is predict what TRADERS will do and not PLAYERS.

    We have a LOT OF new traders joining now and moreso in the next few weeks so bear in mind that Minamino is currently all over the news.
    New traders, especially Liverpool fans, will absolutely want to "own" a piece of him so I expect a far smaller drop-off than usual post-transfer signing announcements.

    Harvey Elliott (who I absolutely rate!) is another who is catching the eye at the right time to appeal to new traders

  • @ScouseSte just not gonna play much though so people may get bored holding Elliott I know I would

  • I expect he will hold his price or rise a little more right up until his league debut and then when it's clear he is only starting as many games as Shaqiri his price will steadily decline.

    His graph 3/4 months from now will look like Nabil Fekirs graph looks now

  • @MUFC said in Takumi Minamino:

    @ScouseSte just not gonna play much though so people may get bored holding Elliott I know I would

    People can get bored all they like, but if you're a long term trader and can pick up a clearly exceptional young player for well under £3 (who is still only SIXTEEN) you'll be over the moon to have him now.
    The index is rising across the board and will likely continue throughout Jan/Feb, so these prices will soon look at lot more reasonable too.

  • @TeamGB some absolute shite being spoken here I'm afraid!! He's not got less attacking responsibilities, the full backs are still the main attacking outlets in this team (see last night, comes on and sets up the winner). I agree with you that Minamino is absolute class but he's not more likely to win PB than TAA in fact they're not even competing for the same PB, defenders and mids have a different category so they could both win on the same day!! He's unlikely to come in and come into the team straight away, look at how klopp has brought in other players, Keita, Ox-Chambo, Andy Robbo, Fabinho all took 6+ months to get established as regular starters. Minamino will be the same. I wouldn't expect anything from him until the start of next season when he's used to the team and system until then he will be cover for Firmino most probably. What about him makes you think he'll rack up the PB???

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