Lessons learned

  • Maybe a discussion on lessons learned in the first month of trading would be useful for newer and potential members. These are some of my lessons learned. (1) I should have paid more attention to the PB scoring matrix. Not all the players you think are really good at football are PB matrix friendly. This for me is an important lesson for the newbie. (2) I bought small amounts of shares in a lot of players. I now see a benefit from buying more shares in less players. (3) Despite some early success I started trading at a difficult time of year, pre Christmas, and a bit more reading of forums prior to joining would have pointed this out so take in as much info as possible prior to joining. Currently, I am trying to learn the best action to take with the “over 30 day” players that have had good IPD divs. Also whether or not to cash in on some high profit earning but intended “long term” holds. So, looking forward to reading other traders early lessons learned.

  • @Buyandsell-Tel for me it was over trading on the slightest dip when I knew the player was for the long term.
    Understanding that if your IPD flip player was at a peak when you bought him you’re unlikely to shift him for any profit.
    Not spotting a pump and dump

  • A good lesson I learnt early on is don't set up camp in one direction or another & be too rigid or stubborn to move the goalposts.

    The wind changes direction now & again so it helps to be flexible in your approach.

  • When the seagulls follow the trawler it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.

    Lesson 1: Do not be a seagull

  • Originally concentrating too much on IPDs and not realising how PB-driven FI is.

    Oh and also trying to get involved when IPOs are released.

  • @DillyDong said in Lessons learned:

    When the seagulls follow the trawler it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.

    Lesson 1: Do not be a seagull

    True 👍 unless I'm the trawler 😉 & the sardines are cash 💰(tips)

  • The biggest lesson is do your own research, people will pump players with outright lies just to make a few quid.
    I got caught out once by someone posting a link to a transfer a year old!.

  • Another early lesson which now seems obvious is to buy on the dip. The temptation early on was to see a graph rising and want to get in on the action but sometimes you have to accept that you have missed that particular boat

  • @BenniiP What is IPD?

  • @Gary-T IPDs are In Play Dividends, such as goals and assists. If you haven't already, it's very much worth reading the below topic:


    I learnt a lot from it when I joined!

  • @BenniiP thanks

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