Index gain, Index Edge or Footy Index Scout?

  • Can anyone tell me the main differences between Index gain, Index Edge & Football index Scout? Index gain seems to be the most popular at least in terms of it’s exposure, advertising & usage but is it any better?

    I had a quick look at my friends index gain a few weeks ago but I found it quite confusing to use straight off the bat. Has anyone else found the same & is there any help out there?

    Other than a couple videos on YouTube I’ve found nothing. And nothing at all for Index Edge.

    I don’t think I’ve seen Football index scout mentioned on here before but it seems to me a tremendously useful free site.

    What are people’s opinions & experiences of all three?

    I’ve asked this question on both the Facebook group & Twitter & got a total of three one sentence responses.

    I’ve not really used the forum yet but I hope to have more joy on here.

  • Hi, I use football index scout it's good for finding fixtures and the players playing in those teams and it highlights their PB scores as to wether the players could be potentially a PB dividend returnee , and you can determine if they maybe good on bronze,silver or gold days.

    Indexgain is good for getting notifications on players price you own rises and falls by -/+2p and shows great info and in depth price analysis to help. My mate uses it and swears by it.
    The basic version is free and good to find previous PB and MB returnees .

    I'm going to try index gain as you only pay a month at a time and normally you will find 50% off codes on somewhere

    Hopefully someone else can add better or more info 👍

  • @NewUser373518 ive tried all 3 but find index gain by far the best.

    Football index scout is ok for a few basic things but i find rhe site clunky and be aware that it doesnt seem to take the share split into consideration so be careful when looking at historic scores as it isnt very accurate

    I cant really comment much on why i dont use index edge. Its a step up from FIS but still not as comprehensive as IG and just really felt why only go half way and not the full hog

    That leads me to index gain. It has all the information you could need and more plus the buzz bot within index gains slack channel is brilliant for tracking things and quick reference. It may seem complicated at first but it really isnt as hard as it first seems. Since using this i have much greater confidence in the players i hold

  • I use Footy Index Scout as it's free and serves my purposes of pb stats, availability of players and a historic database of MB/PB winners. Haven't used the others.

  • Football index edge is a waste of time. Not sure they even update it anymore

  • @NewUser373518

    Well worth a read, if lualua cant convince you, i certainly wont be able to. My favourite thread since i joined the forum.

    Wish you well on your travels @LuaLua, you helped me no end when i first joined, sad to hear you have chosen to leave but im sure you will do incredibly well over on the exchange. Some of the best data driven analysis of any trader on the platform.

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