Proposed portfolio

  • Just wanted some opinions on the below proposed portfolio:

    Ramadan sobi
    Lucas torrerria

    Any thoughts / advice?

  • Is Ozil in there for the World Cup? I don't think he will score MB for Arsenal this season and he doesn't do that well in PB either.

  • @NewUser115892 it helps if you add a line explaining why you have that player so we can advise.

  • Belotti has been shocking this season and still has a 100 euro buy out clause cant see who would want hi other than Milan, and that wont affect his price much.

    However balotelli on the other hand 22goals in 27 games, free agent i the summer, so a lot fo teams will be fighting for that kind of return to goal ratio and on a free transfer, much better option IMO and cheaper

  • @SMacFI I bet by August Belotti will be at least £1.50.

  • @NewUser115892 Bales a funny one, if goes to UTD then great investment but I dont think he will now, anywhere else his price is maybe already slightly high on its true value. Rashford great hold with Int break and triple MB hes just took a crash in price with UTD getting nocked out, so perfect time to buy, don't see why UTD getting put out made such a difference he's all about WC , probably Englands second biggest MB player to Kane.

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