FI have changed Erling Braut Haaland for media!

  • The post below is from Football Index Customer Services on Twitter, just incase any of you missed it. However, I’m probably already late to the party!

    “Good afternoon Traders,

    Regarding Erling Braut Haaland: We have made a change that will now pick up his full name in addition to instances where the middle name is dropped on the Media Rankings.”

  • So over priced, i expect a significant correction soon

  • Didn't this happen a few days ago?

    I agree massively overpriced but I thought that after his hat-trick in the CL and he has grown since then.

    If I was a holder with decent profit i'd definitely be market selling during this spike of United rumours as there is likely to be just as strong links to Bayern, RB Leipzig, Juve, Atletico soon which will could cause a mass of (irrational) instant selling.

  • @Chris-J no mate, they definitely just announced it. Sure he’s been nowhere near winning media yet he’s all that’s in the papers. Their post was about 20 minutes ago on twitter on the matter, people are going mad 😂

  • The Joao Felix effect

  • Surelt if they're doing this in this instance, then any headlines with just someone's surname should count as well

  • @IRISHFI Im a tad annoyed... I don't hold and my complaint is more general... This doesn't affect me.
    But every change they make that isnt consistent just looks amateur to potential customers and existing alike...

    Proper project management etc is.

    Identify issue (names affecting mb)
    Plan solution.

    They are just firefighting individual cases based on who shouts loudest. Affecting prices and monumental shift of money.

    As per @Westy thread on positions..

    And all the arguments on here and twitter about the matrix.

    Changes should be considered thoroughly, communicated in advance, executed at the least harmful time (off season for example)

  • How many of us looked at him and decided against buying because of his name and lack of mb?
    Tempted to buy thousands of vinicius Jr then get a load of us to complain daily to Cs for a name change.

  • He’s good for a bit of MB and then what.
    He will be £5 soon so that means you need him to get up 12p just to make a few quid let alone real money.
    You can make lots more on other players easily.
    Once you own a £5 player your stuck In the short so you better believe said £5 is going to rake in divs for a few months.

  • He’s now more expensive than Kroos, despite having never won a dividend and with a top PB score of 184.

    Just how much MB are people expecting him to win?! 😳

  • Is todays rise a classic FOMO moment or do some people know something that I don't.
    I sense the former🤔

  • My port has been leaking all day as everyone is listing/instant selling to jump in on him expecting to make some quick gains.

    There is going to be lots of fingers burnt when the trend is over (very soon) and lots of users are left with a static/falling asset that they have no chance of market selling.

    Just where exactly are people expecting his price to go from here? I wouldn't pay half his current price.

  • Just noticed a couple of traders sell a solid wedge of Werner and Pogba to buy Haaland.
    Surely not all down to mb is it🤔

  • @Gazz127 said in FI have changed Erling Braut Haaland for media!:

    Just noticed a couple of traders sell a solid wedge of Werner and Pogba to buy Haaland.
    Surely not all down to mb is it🤔

    Someone has to lose money at the end of the day.
    We are here to help traders on the forum but there a lot of people on the index who feed our ports.

  • @Tom77
    Exactly let the mugs buy him overpriced and too early

  • I hold, but I'm gonna put him in the sale queue soon. Up 164% on him, and I'm not risking it cause if he goes elsewhere there is gonna be a big sell off. Probs has been my favourite hold and as a United fan I hope he comes here, but time for him leave my port.

  • I may get criticism for this - but I'm going to say my piece.

    Haaland is now nearly £5 a share.

    This is a message to those traders buying in NOW - not existing holders with the comfort blanket of capital appreciation behind them.

    Unless Haaland gets a transfer to a top PL side, with Manchester United being the Jackpot, he isn't going to be able to sustain his price due to the lack of PB appeal to his game.

    If he comes to the PL - fair enough, he can profit from MB, so it's not a worry. 👍

    But if he DOES transfer to Leipzig in January, the ass is going to fall out his share price.

    He's under immense pressure to deliver then, because if he finds himself out of his depth in the Bundesliga - there will be no additional move to the PL.

    You are basically stuck with an IPD asset at £5 a pop.

  • @JaySaul I would have done that an hour ago.
    Nice profit but todays rise would have given me an itchy finger😉

  • @JaySaul Smart move - get in and out at the right time.

    If ever in doubt ask yourself 'what would Berbatov do?'


  • So FI have haalands full 3 word name displayed on the site but he just needs the 2 names mentioned to 'pick up' media, does this prove they already have the ability to go 1 further with just surnames being able to pick up media?

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