Jean-Kevin Augustin

  • Just wondering what peoples thoughts on this player. I bought him last week & he rocketed but has since dropped in value. Do you think he'll be on the French 'plane to Russia?

  • Not a chance. Frances options in his position are incredible.

    I do hold this player and will continue to hold as I think his price will grow as he is starting games for Leipzig now and scoring. Still in the Europa league and could be a beneficiary of a move for Werner.

  • He is a good player, people have probably re invested there cash in him over the Int break (I did) like a lot of players probably drop a bit if not involved, but I will be buying back in at some stage. Next season he could be incredible.

  • @SMacFI definitely a keeper. He was likened to mbappe in that article you mentioned and that's what I read months ago that encouraged me to buy him. Definitely potential to he a £3 or £4 player with any sort of transfer rumours.

  • He will come into his own when they sell Timo Werner, if that happens this year or next, thought he was going this year but then apparently he cam out and said he was staying but you can never believe what you read.

  • Looks like Leipzig will get back in the Europa league next season, based on current league position, which increases the chances of playing on single match days and could increase his PB chances next year. Even if Werner stays then he will still play most games as they always play with 2 forwards. If Werner leaves he could be the star man next year.

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