Harry Kane

  • Wow, loads of sharp people out there, within 15 minutes of the news he will be Fit for the World Cup he went up 35p!

  • Still a huge spread I note

  • @Ermejo I m often impressed how quick FI traders react. The same happened as Neymar got injured. Within seconds the priced went down.

  • Buzz magnet for England World Cup build up, treble days he could win mb everyday leading up to it. If he is fit I imagine all the talk will be Kane and Rashford up top.

  • Kane's injury could be a blessing for the World Cup, as he now has a month off to rest and recover after playing god knows how many minutes this season.

    Plus he won't have to play in the two pointless friendlies that are coming up, but will still get some game time pre-World Cup.

  • The best bet for buzz may have been if he was 50/50 to make it.

    Would have taken a big price drop so nice chance to reload then constant media focus on his ankle . Remember rooneys metatarsals

  • Re-Kane likely 5/6 week injury lay off

    I have sold 50% of my shares for a 12% ROI and will invest the money elsewhere.

    I have kept 50% of my shares for the media buzz with triple media coming up.

    I will buy back in and top up closer to his return.

  • Last few weeks have shown that Kane is not in reality much cop as a buzz magnet

    Even today with the injury announcement he's currently only 4th for buzz

  • I agree I don't think he will be a mb magnet even when he bust his ankle he still never won mb he may pick a couple up but nothing like people think, that's my view, if England go far then maybe yeah

  • Not the biggest buzz magnet but I think with the high volume of triple media buzz coming and no PL, or CL to grab the headlines he will win some dividends

  • @Dave-C Agreed! It also shows how much the media love Neymar as he has managed to win mb several times with a similar injury

  • @James plus neymar loves being in the Media. There's a number of articles today just about him posting a tribute to Stephen hawking! Can you imagine kane doing that!

  • @NewUser92251

    Yes he did. He won it on Sunday.

  • If Kane is made captain, as expected, he'll be the one being interviewed all the time making him a decent MB magnet IMO

  • @James said in Harry Kane:

    @Dave-C Agreed! It also shows how much the media love Neymar as he has managed to win mb several times with a similar injury

    I don't think people realise how valuable the single name is. De Maria playing due to Naymar injury scores for Naymar. Son playing as a result of Kane injury doesn't.

  • @mike778 couldn't agree more with this. I genuinely think it's worth about £4 to his price.

  • @mike778 I've posted before with the example story;

    'Who is the world's greatest player, Neymar, Messi or Ronaldo?'

    This would score around 100 points (includes the word Greatest) for Neymar and 0 for Ronaldo and Messi as it only scores for full names and Messi needs Lionel and Ronaldo needs Cristiano.

  • Since the 2017/2018 season began Harry Kane has yielded £1.17 in media buzz dividends. Only Neymar and Coutinho have yielded more! The claim that Harry Kane is not good for media buzz is a myth guys.

  • Welcome to the £10 club Mr Kane, 3rd Englishman to do so - after Marcus Rashford & Jadon Sancho. 👍

    Who's next through the barrier? Sterling?

    Or more likely Mason Greenwood! 🤣

  • @Ericali Got to be Sterling, don't really think anyone else is close. Although I'm harbouring hopes Dele Alli will hit a rich vein of form and put a run in

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