Achraf Hakimi

  • Would love to hear your thoughts. Hakimi is looking pretty good at Dortmund and basically playing as a winger. I’m considering going big on him but have a couple of concerns. Are FI likely to change his position to midfield? That would seriously hamper his PB potential!

    Also, I assume he will return to the fold at Real Madrid next summer. What impact would that have on value?

    Hoping he drops a few pennies during the German winter break before I plough in...

  • There can’t be a positional change, when they play with 4 in defense he is playing RB

  • Agree. Hakimi is in my port long term. He’s looking great at Dortmund!!! £££

  • I hold also, he plays the slight majority at either side of full back compared to midfield. There were some reports yesterday I think that Dortmund were looking to sign him permanently and Hakimi would be happy to stay.

  • Probably worth waiting a bit because of the inevitable Bundesliga drop during winter break.

    Solid hold though, a very adventurous right back 😊

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