PSG - Sarabia

  • It seems like every weekend PSG’s attacking players are in the mix to win PB as they score 3,4, 5 a game. They are all priced accordingly. However Sarabia looks incredibly good value at £1.12! He took a while to find his form but has been very lively when he’s played lately. I’d suggest he’s more of a medium term hold as he’s currently sharing game time with Di Maria.

    However, Di Maria soon turns 32 and pdg are likely to offload him this summer as his contract runs into its final year. He’s also stated that he wants to finish his career in Argentina. As such as the season goes on I’d expect Sarabia to feature more and more. He will also be in the Spain squad for the Euros.

    Next season I will be will be much more prominent and his value could potentially rise significantly.

    Whilst this reads as a pump (and I do hold) I genuinely believe this to be true and I have no intention to dump shares in the next year! At £1.12 he is as risk free as you can get!

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