What price will neymar get to if he keeps hoovering up these star man divs

  • I just looked at his whoscored rating and his last few games are unreal. If he had taken a pen a couple of games back he may have had 3 star man wins in the last month. The guy is a machine. I was wondering what price everyone thinks he can get to under the new div structure? He is one of my safe holds at the minute and wondered at what price I would be willing to sell at.

  • I think £10 isn't unreasonable but he may struggle to get traction later in the season as he won't be in the Euros.

  • If he does dip in the run up to the Euros that’s when I’ll be topping up as after that, you have clear 2 year run leading up to the World Cup. Added to that will be any speculation concerning August’s dividend review.

    If say for example they did introduce a team of the week/Month, he would become even more desirable.

    The other think to consider is, as the market rises he should in theory always remain at the top for the foreseeable future as almost every time he scores a goal, he is likely to bring home the dividends.

    There is also the slight , albeit unlikely scenario where FI decide to have PB for the Copa America

  • @Tom7471 Neymar for me is the easiest player to gauge based on past prices and dividend yield as i just view him as a kind of market cap. Based on his price before any dividend increases or the share split announcement and then throw in market growth i feel he could quite easliy be about £12 or more.

    He was £15 before anyone knew anything about a share split under the div structure they had then so divided by 3 that makes him £5. At the time of the split they increased divs 33% so that then puts him just under £7 then the dividend review increased dividends another 57% I believe so that puts him around £11 then id say its fair to add another £1 at least for the growth of the market and number of new members.

    So id say £12 is a pretty fair price all things considered

  • Cheers for the opinions guys. I was thinking around the £11 mark. The only thing for me is him being injury prone but apart from that I think he is a great hold. Tempted to top up as £8 seems too cheap to me considering players like sancho and mbappe around £7

  • I’ve made a 4% return on him in the last 4/5 days

    When you consider him as a 1000 day hold.......

  • @Advinculas-Index that's insane when you think about it like that.

  • Honestly I think if this was a World Cup year instead of Euros, I think he’d be already approaching £9-£10. Euros will be the only thing suppressing his price as he is unlikely to win any MB during summer - expect that to be any member of the England squad (despite transfer rumours of him going to Barca). People say that his PB will decreases with him and Messi being at Barca, but I see the opposite. With Messi feeding him opportunities, I think he’ll score even higher.

  • @Andy he wont take set pieces off of Messi and wont rack up the same amount of passes either. PB wise Neymar will become more like what Mbappe is now at PSG

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