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  • Looking at buying some England players for the World Cup. I am hoping for MB and PB (if PB will be applicable).
    Thinking 2 Forwards, 2 Midfielders and 2 Defenders
    My list so far is Kane and Rashford, Sterling and Alli, Walker and Stones.
    What do you think and what would you list be?

  • List sounds good to me. Only one im not sure of is rashford

    Im sticking to be 1st x only and buying squad players of the opportunity comes up

  • @TradingJournal not sure I can choose for each position but I reckon I'd go for potential value increase so I'll say rashford, Lallana and trippier.

    Don't understand people doubting rashford at all. I'm biassed cos I own him but I believe he's the most raw exciting talent England have and that's what the media love. I think he'll be over £5 after the world cup.

  • @Stevo I must admit ive not followed england as much as some others im sure. I remember the last couple friendlies Southgate played really defensive thats my only concern with rashford that it will be him or kane.

  • @TradingJournal England have got no chance of winning it so might as well just go for it and try to win games to excite the fans and the country.

    I'd rather give it a go and try to win games than try to sneak 1-0s but whether Southgate will who knows.

  • @TradingJournal I wouldn't worry too much about that, he played defensively as it was against really good sides. England will have 2 games against average sides so he might play more expansively in those but I think the Belgium game will be a bit more defensive.

    With the limited games on each day GWG's will have a massive premium (if PB is live) so even if he doesn't start he could still win top forward and media with one goal. If he is on the bench he will be the first sub on.

  • I think Rashford has a great future and I am liking that his price has dropped today, might be right time to get him.

  • To answer the original question my one for each position would be;

    Harry Maguire - played in all the friendlies, Good on the ball, great in the air and has a chance of a goal.

    Eric Dier - not a fan as a player but he will play plenty of 5 yard passes and is a threat from set prices. Also very cheap at the moment at 86p.

    Harry Kane - MB. Probable captain so will be at every press conference meaning all headlines will be along the lines of 'England Captain Harry Kane says....' also I've heard that he is quite good at scoring goals so that could help with PB!

    The big challenge with the England team is that we have so many players of a similar ability that trying to guess who will start is really difficult. I would say only Kane, Stones, and Sterling are guaranteed to start the first game and they could get injured.

    I only hold one of these players as I don't think England will play that many games and personally don't really think it's worth putting money in this soon unless you plan to sell again after the international break and buy back later. To put it in context if England reach the quarter finals they will have played as many games as whoever gets to the final of the champions league plays from now on in the competition and all CL games after tonight will be triple game days.

  • I was thinking Sterling would be good to buy now as Man City are still in Europe and going to win the league soon, so potential MB and PB I think. Alli I am thinking good to buy for International Break and then sell if his form continues, not been great this season.

  • My Sterling futures are queued for sale - had a great ride but time to sell up for me. For tomorrow I am holding Ashley Young, Ryan Bertrand and Trippier. Walker is a long term hold as I feel he is criminally undervalued. Wilshere also but that's more for contract speculation. Finally Kane and Rashford for MB. Flips / speculative is definitely Young and Bertrand for me. Profited and sold up Mawson, Tarkoski and Calvert Lewin already and going to keep a fund aside to get on the surprise choice when the squad is announced. Got a feeling it will be Calvert Lewin and pie in the sky would be Maitland - Niles, he's getting games at Arsenal and is very versatile. Don't think he'll play vs Milan tomorrow as Monreal is back so he's risky

  • @Pierrey2129 I thought that about Walker too but I sold up as having held him for the last few weeks I just can't see him outscoring the City CBs? Or even Ederson on occasion ... And don't see much MB around him either. Is there something I've missed that gives you confidence in him?

  • @BL__FI no you make good points and it's something that's worried me with Walker, always outscored and no MB (the kids a drip let's be frank). But he's the cheapest by far of the Man City back 4 and I am holding more in hope that he will be swept up as Man City carve a swathe through Europe (which is what I expect to happen - then again I didn't see United being so dire yesterday so I'm prone to a clanger!). He's settled at just over £1.10 and I'm holding at a penny loss so pretty hopefully I can get a decent profit in by the next round of CL

  • @Pierrey2129 Yep fair enough, I would also expect him to rise over the rest of the season and lead up to the World Cup!

  • What about the Ox? I think he has a chance of being in the starting XI at the world cup. Liverpool still in CL and he's fairly cheap too. He's been in and out of the Liverpool side though. Not sure what his PB scores have been like either.

    For tomorrow I've taken a right punt on Lascelles and Shelvey, committing the cardinal sin of investing in your own teams players... this is the first time and England squad has been announced whilst I've been on the index so should be interesting!

  • Rashford is England's second biggest Media pull other than Kane without a shadow of doubt, young bags of talent plays for UND, with Kanes injury now, and the talk of where they will play him, i dont understand people selling him off right before tbe international break, it's all going to be about Rashford with no Kane.

  • @SMacFI I agree Steve I got on Rashford this morning thinking he'd surely bottomed out. Sat at a sizeable loss for me but I have no doubts he will recover with the MB returns he's likely to get. Who did you take a punt on for tomorrow?

  • @Pierrey2129 i have him at 4.13, when people realise tripple MB is the only way to earn cash over the next 2 weeks and his price almost 1/3 of neynar and the media soley talking about him as theres no maybe for kane over the internatuinal break hes out so nothing for the media to discuss about Kane, so its all on Rash, he will soon be in the upper £4 to £5 when people see his daily MB pull

  • just wait when England don't make it out their groups.

  • @MrYaio I don't think Walkers a good idea personally. Stones will do well on PB scores potentially if England dominate games but he's not a regular for City the now so I feel he may not be a stick on to start at the WC. I've gotta agree Maguire for the world cup is a shout. Simple passes and always a goal threat. And there's no looking past Kane or Rashford. Rashford should hoover up over this break but I hold Vardy so I'm hoping for some strong performances from him. As for midfield. It's hard to know as only really Sterling is a definite starter I think. Southgate seems to like Dier so he might get some appreciation but other than that who knows.

  • @Hybrid anyone thats holding inflated priced England players by then is just bad trading and understanding of the index, theres 3 moths of MB to be picked up until then

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