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  • I've got kane and sterling. I sold alli for rashford. I don't buy defenders because of MB.

  • What is going on with Barkley, I have a glimmmer of hope he will make the final squad.
    Also Winks was a shoe in last year.
    The midfield is a toss up so many players have been injured or out of form.

  • It's sad to say that for the first time ever the world cup fills me with no optimism or enthusiasm whatsoever. Just can't be arsed. And it's not even near starting yet.

    Thank God for FI for keeping me interested!

  • @Stevo I agree with you, not expecting much but looking forward to hopefully making money from FI

  • Someone else just dumped a load of rashfords.

  • I brought up some Rashfords last night and gone down a lot since! Still think he will come good over the next few weeks

  • The rashford drop off is just the contra of Kane rising back up isn’t it? I.e the opposite of the few days post Kane’s injury

  • Bertrand is good value IMO he's guaranteed to start for England at LWB as he's got the shirt and Southgate rates him and there's likely to be transfer speculation as well especially if Southampton are relegated

  • Unfortunately there's a few regular posters on here who are clearly holding and pushing Rashford, which perhaps makes him appear a better investment that he actually is.

    His MB and PB stats are actually quite poor for a circa £4 share price (1 MB and 1 PB since the mass IPOs where introduced in November). Yes, he's a potential future star, but a lot depends on how Mourinho and Southgate manage him.

    Just be wary using this forum, Twitter and Facebook, because there are a lot of posters who are not-so-subtly promoting players they clearly have large holdings in. Once a number of people follow their advice and buy-in, they sell up for a profit and the share price falls (at your loss).

  • Talking about Rashford before England games is hardly KGB style misinformation

  • I have got Rashford, he prob won’t win many pb buzz, but with the build up to the world there will be treble media days for about 6 or 7 weeks!, Rashford should be good for that, what other England players have we got that are exciting as him, who will be getting the pundits talking, media talking it will be those type of players, Rashford and Kane will have a high chance of MB.

  • @NewUser60527 Just to clarify your treble media point - it's actually less than three weeks between the Champions League final and the first match of the World Cup (26 May - 14 June). But I have an outside hope they will announce treble media every day during the WC - that would make it about seven weeks!

  • @ocs123 yeah I totally agree. I've said I think rashford will be a future star. I hold 100 rashford and I'm happy to hold onto him. I haven't told anyone else to buy him or that I think he's a good buy. I just think in 12 months he'll be worth £5 plus and eventually will be worth over £7.

    I was one of the first people in this forum to say I hate self promotion but I think there's a difference between having an opinion and actually coming on this forum going 'look at this players stats, you must be stupid if you don't buy.' Which is what some people do.

  • @ocs123 Name and shame. How can you possible say Rashford is over priced when over the international break its all about him the lead up to the WC will be a lot about him and where England will play him, he ticks all the boxes, plays for Manchester UTD, young and English, a forward the fact you just said "but a lot depends on how Mourinho and Southgate manage him" that makes for talking points for the media, do you really think Southgate and Mourinho is going to mange one of Englands brightest stars badly.

    Just be wary using this forum, Twitter and Facebook, because there are a lot of people that are protecting there Kane/ Neymar shares as have paid so much for them, they cant stand any kind of news that might react to there price.

  • @SMacFI Also watch his price rocket after this meeting, not just him all players across the board as it always happens after a positive meeting like this Adam Cole does his little morale speech and everyone pumps in more cash.

  • Just waiting for Theresa May to say the team cant go......

  • @Joking Will never happen.

  • Have I missed something ?

    Have the developers announced a new bench boost dividend like FFL only whoever sits on the bench the longest wins.

    Cant see any other way all these squad players are going to be worth anything in the world cup. Tarkowski rising 20p . Really ???

  • @mike778 but he might be in the world cup squad so you must buy him!

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