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  • Re: When players were trading around £18 what were the divs like?

    Similar, but they have risen slightly now , but before share split only 300 futures would rise or decrease the player by 1p now it takes 900 futures for the player to rise or fall by 1p , so I think it will take a year or two before players reach £20 again

  • @NewUser124778 it was 100 futures to move a penny before the split

  • @Black-wolf said in Share split:

    @NewUser124778 it was 100 futures to move a penny before the split

    Imagine how volatile it would be now if it took only 100 futures to move a penny

  • A lot of users were expecting it to still take 100 shares to move by a penny.

    In fact many couldn’t understand why a 1/3 split cause the delta to rise to 900 (typically) and not 300 and thought FI were screwing us all over.

  • @Tom77 it would be crazy. Can you imagine what it would be like if the share split had never happened and the number of members had still increased like it has

  • Relative value query.

    Share split predates my FI existence.
    My understanding is that all players on the index’s share price were reduced by a third on the back of this move.
    Does this mean in reality that all players ipo’d post the split are relatively valued a lot less then that players whose value was depressed by 66 percent.
    I presume post split the shares held in players were multiplied at time by 3 , just trying work out is there potentially anything in this 🤔

  • @BMCG any players held were multiplied by 3 and all prices were divided by 3. With regards to your IPO question IPO’s are a lot higher than they used to be as a player IPOing at £2 today is the equivalent of £6 before. I never took part in IPO’s so i cant give you exact numbers but im pretty sure it was rare for an IPO to be more than £1 pre share split so had they stuck with the same value you would be expecting players to be introduced to be under 40p today.

  • @BMCG I saw a screenshot of a portfolio, J Sancho @40p ( over thousands purchased ) and his current price was around £14+ , he had around 1100% profit , all this within 6-8 months !

  • Dividends are not ‘similar’ to pre share split, they have increased signicantly.

    There was a slight increase at the time of the split and then another much larger one in November.

    MB used to be 1.66p (i.e. 5p in old money) on any match day, it is now 3p. That’s an 81% increase.

    PB + Star Man used to be 6p (i.e. 18p in old money) on a triple match day, it is now 16p. That’s a 166% increase.

    And pre share split, the likes of Neymar and Pogba were £8+ (i.e. £24+ in old money) in price, which shows the huge potential there is for growth in the market or the very good dividend returns on offer now.

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    @ocs123 This is only true of ppl who hold old shares that were split.

  • @MrWh1te

    It doesn’t make any difference. Proportionally the dividend returns are far greater now than they were then.

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    @ocs123 what were the dividends worth when neymar was £8 before.
    And what are they now?

  • @MrWh1te

    When Neymar was £24 (i.e £8 in today’s money), MB was 5p and PB & Star Man 18p. So if he had a great day and won both, you’ve receive a 23p yield for every £24 invested.

    Now he is circa £8, MB is 3p and PB & Star Man 16p. Now if he has a great day and wins both you receive 57p yield for every £24 invested.

    This highlights why it’s better to own a dividend winning player now than it was immediately before the share split - providing of course that their price hasn’t rocketed since the split.

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    The £24 price is immaterial.

    What was the divs when Neymar was £8 before?

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