Josh Maja

  • Gents your thoughts on this guy - I know people were surprised when he left Sunderland and I thought he was going to be a nice little hold but his price has dropped and I cant understand why, or find anything out for that matter. Question is keep or cut my losses?

  • @Gary-T Take a look at the Roll up Roll up thread mate, some interesting bits at the start about Maja and what others are thinking. MIght help you decide.

  • He was injured at the weekend, added to the winter break so was bound to drop a small bit. I'm holding since 71p and will continue to...wasnt the worst game to miss away to a Rennes side flying high and they didnt score in his absence which should help. Potential to have a few more transfer links over jan should help but still young with potential and playing in a pb league. I wouldn't panic.

  • Pb score was 3 in his last game, having played the full 90 mins. But could be further transfer links in Jan.

  • Positive is, in his injury absence his replacement did zero.

    The team lost & failed to score a goal.

    Obviously now it's winter break time so most players not involved will have some sort of dip. The positive is, while not playing he could be involved in a few transfer rumours so he's not necessarily out of the game 👍

  • Cheers guys - as we are going into the break I will take the chance to hold. Appreciate all your input

  • I hold maja
    He’s a long term hold for me
    Keep the faith 💰💰💰

  • Keep hold of Maja the badger!

  • He’s had a big rise recently, bound to be a drop back while some take profit. Me included, still hold but sold half of what I had.

  • Seen plenty of him as half my family are safc fans. His pb scores might never be great but he’s absolutely lethal within 15 yards. Proper old school finisher. No doubt he’ll be back in the prem at some point and will score goals at whatever level he’s at.

  • Beware though, he’s Nigerian not English. 1 cap so far.

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