Most underpriced Premier League player?

  • As the winter break is upon us and we're about to undergo a load of prem games without other European action who in your opinion is underpriced in the premier league? Pump away but please give valid reasons.

  • Among the underpriced, I hold Holgate, Azpilicueta, and Xhaka

  • Has to be Pogba. Back "fit". United need him big time. Played in an advanced role when on yesterday, both Fred and McT have been playing well as defensive mids.

    Everything points towards a mega period for Prince Pogba.

  • @Ben_pz looking specifically at the winter break period, I would say the likes of Chris wood and troy deeney

  • @RU99 I'm not convinced he will end up playing the more advanced role full time, I think he might against the better teams but against the 'poorer' teams I think he'll play Pogba deeper as he won't feel the need to play 2 holding midfielders for it. Of course that theory could go out the window if United sign a CAM in January

  • In reply to the OP, I'd have to say a cheap IPD's player, PL players are mostly so inflated that I wouldn't buy them just cause they're the only league playing over Christmas, so I'd probably want to try find a striker under probably 80p

  • At this exact moment id agree with the pogba calls, media has been huge just from his injury return and 30 mins football. Its looking likely he will play in the PB friendly role, match winning performances will drive big media. He will likely be challenging for king of the index again before Jan is out.

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