Ryan Gravenberch PB Score Yesterday

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    I know he's not eligible but that's had to be some decent PB score for a 17 year old. That's his first full start in a league match. Wowsers. I've been looking at transfer players but those stats are hard to ignore.

  • @Dalien-Smith very good but I don't see him on eligible until at least 2022

  • @MUFC Fingers crossed your right mate. Keeps posting stats like that and he'll pass PB monster Mason Greenwoods price in no time.

  • @MUFC he’s pb eligible this season in the Europa league for a start 👍🏻, I’m not saying he’s gonna play too many minutes in it. But to say he won’t be eligible till 2022 is just misleading

  • Good point. He is eligible. Capital appreciation wise it's best these young players don't get pb scores for the moment. Once they get exposed to the harsh reality of the pb world they tank. Gravenberch though does seem at 17 not far off matrix friendly. Admittedly he played yesterday due to injuries but he must have left an impression yesterday he's ready for a bigger role.

  • @Dalien-Smith yea agree didn't think of that to be fair but wouldn't expect any game time this year now it's knockout time

  • @MUFC Dead right. Probably won’t be in a pb league before the three year hold is up.

  • @Timothee-Atouba Is that a bad thing? He's 17. He'll be linked to pb clubs. I could feasibly see him being bought by a big club and loaned back to Ajax within 3 years. Just can't see within 3 years this lad being there 3 years without attracting any speculation.

  • Van de beek and ziyech are surely leaving so gravenberch will prob take one of those spots.

    He will be at Ajax for at least 2 years imo.

  • @Dalien-Smith he will but even though I don't particularly go massive on pb players it is nice to know you can be in the running, he is a outstanding talent though

  • Alot of these non pb youth types and I'm thinking of João Felix and Erling Haland, their peak price usually happens when they get their big move. Those 2 have rarely shown a hint of pb potential to date. Both had hat tricks in Europe but didn't win PB I believe. They are big prices. Gravenberch is going to spend alot his 3 year hold a teenager and the market love a teenager with big club speculation. The goal he got yesterday he made himself practically and that's what he can do. We maybe a season early but I'm sure he's going to get opportunities. He's in the official first team squad. I fancy rises from here on in but we'll see.

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