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  • I hold two and thinking about the other one. Jarrod Bowen - seems as the transfer mill machine has gone a bit overboard about this lad ..(Leed Utd interested, interest from Newcastle and a couple of other PL sides). I dont hold this one is it worth a dabble. I do hold Ryan Fraser (Bournemouth) based a rumour (from the son in law who is a Liverpool fan so not a qualified lead), that Liverpool have shown so interest in him - worth increasing my portfolio? and finally Joe Gomez (I hold him) - not sure how this is going to pan out when Lovren is back on the scene. Do I keep him as he should be a shoe in for the Euro's as long as him and Sterling are back to being best buddies.

  • Don’t know too much about Bowen but always a risk when making step up, plenty of cases where it works but many others where it goes a bit tits up as well.

    Fraser surely on the move but to Liverpool? Highly doubtful. I think all the local journalists have rubbished the move.

    Gomez - Liverpool only have 2 CBs fit, guaranteed to play over coming months, England’s best defender, if he keeps fit surely a £2 player at the very least. Klopp tends to play the form CBs so cant see lovren getting back in if Gomez continues as he is doing.

  • Strong rumours now on footy index scout that Aston Villa have joined West Ham, Newcastle, Brighton, Southampton and West Brom are all showing interest in Bowen - I think I have answered my own question.

  • @Gary-T in my opinion a move is already factored into his price, would I be paying his current price to own an attacker at Newcastle/Villa/Brighton/Southampton, no I wouldn't

  • @ChazFI123 Its a good point you raise but you got Daniel James at Utd running at 2.33 and he isnt exactly pulling up trees whereas Bowen is viewed for his goals (albeit in the Championship) and trading at 1.89. Is that all the money - I can see at least a 20p jump if he goes to one of the lesser PL teams especially if he scores the goals that keep them in the Prem - PB as well

  • @Gary-T take a look at Che Adams price graph, would not surprise me if in a years time Bowen's looks very similar. Also I think a fair few people would've bought cause Spurs have been mentioned with him, rather than a team that could be going down

  • Also I would be shocked if Hull let him leave next month. 4 points from the play offs currently so why sell your best player, he’s still got 18 months on his contract so I’d say it’s a summer move

  • @ChazFI123 Again good points but when Che went to Southampton he was 1.09 end of June/early July and by 7th August he was 1.34 so a fairly high rise for a short term investment.

  • @Matt-flint Matt if I was a Hull fan I would want them top do just that but money talks and the lad obviously wants to play at the highest level possible and Hull might not make it this season and his boat may of sailed if he waits until the summer

  • @Gary-T maybe but it would be a huge mistake to sell him now

  • @Matt-flint agreed

  • @Gary-T wouldn't touch Bowen at that price with your money let alone mine

  • @MUFC why? Please elaborate

  • Bought Bowen at 115p just sold him at 189p to take a good profit as unproven at EPL level but if & when transfer happens might buy back when he settles.

    Fraser bought recently at 136p has decent proven EPL pedigree & appears to be refusing a new contract, so will almost certainly move to a bigger club.

    Gomez bought at 86p & will hold for long term as still improving & could be England regular once he gains gametime at Liverpool, very bright future IMHO.

  • @Gary-T IMO Bowen is a much better player than James and could easily make the step up to the Premier League with several clubs in the top flight looking at him including West Ham, Everton and Leicester

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