Is Rashford twice the player Martial is?

  • Is Rashford overpriced or Martial underpriced is what I’m getting at really? Rashford £5+ and Martial around the £2.50 mark.
    I get that Rashford has the being English angle but I don’t see him as being twice the price.


  • Martial IMO will not be United's first choice striker this time next year, as an FI hold he has never scored over 200 in the PB matrix, the press have grown bored of him and MB has become a lottery. For me I still think he's overpriced at £2.50, I think as a striker he's a sub £2 player. In the next 2 years do I think Rashford will return double the amount of divs? Yes 100%

  • I was thinking about Martial this morning and his current price looks good for if he moves to an easier league. E.g. if Lyon need a Depay loan cover he suits the bill and for his price. I'd buy in that league.

    Hes one Utd player that a move away might see a rise.

    I think he has to prove himself this 2nd half, if he doesn't he is out, but PSG, Lyon, etc will be after him.

  • @Westy I've said to my mates a fair few times, that the chances are United will sell him back to France and he'll turn into a world beater! But right now at United I don't think he's value

  • I dont think Rashford is over priced. He's become a consistent div earner for me and will carry on doing so. He has picked up his form recently. I think he starts for England at this rate and is a main utd player for years to come, which means MB and some PB along the way on top of all the yanks buying him when FI lands in the USA.

  • Yeah to back up what has been said about divs.

    Rashford all time has returned twice as many divs as martial.
    Just this season Rashford has returned 16p and martial zero.

    And there is no reason to believe this will change any time soon.

    So yes, Rashford in FI terms, is at least twice the player Martial is.

  • I echo the above re dividends.

    Plus Rashford will be at Euro 2020 with England and I doubt Martial will be selected by France.

    [I don't hold either of them]

  • 'Hey Hank, get me some of those Rashfords and Dele Allis?' I can hear it now...

  • Cheers lads, all valid points to consider

  • In the last 12 months, I've had £202 in div's from Rashford, and £10 from Martial. I'll be looking to sell Tony when he has a nice rise in January.

  • @Westy Was thinking exactly the same this morning. Think he would suit being the big fish in a small pond.

  • I sold my Martial last week. I'd held him for a year, was up 40%, but he'd done nothing special and I couldn't see much more being wrung out of him.

    Rashford, on the other hand, is an English media darling, seems to be on a rich vein of form, and if he gets better service, could be one of the great goalscorers of this next decade in the Premier League.

    Therefore, yes, he is more than 2x the value of Martial. In my humble opinion.

  • @Gregolocky in real life no way, infact Martial is a better player than Rashford.
    But on the index Rashford is a MB darling, take the pens and free kicks and is more PB friendly than Martial.
    Both their prices are probably fair reflections from an index point of view

  • @Staggz88 strongly disagree with this, Martial is a passenger in the side IMO, when United don’t play well he never does literally ever, it’s always Rashford who is trying things. Martial is not a match winner at all, I cannot remember the last time he won United a game. He’s being found out this season, and he will lose his place eventually, Rashford is younger, more consistent and a better performer for club and especially country!

  • @ChazFI123 I get what you mean. But as a footballer martial is technically better player. But he needs clever players in the team to link up with. When Pogba is there him and Pogba are really good at the 1 n 2 touch link ups. Reality is he needs better players around him.
    Rashford has a lot of heart and drive but he’s not as intelligent a player

  • @ChazFI123 I wouldn’t say at all he’s been found out. No coincidence Rashford came to form once Martial came back

  • @Staggz88 that’s literally my whole point, do top strikers need players around them? If Harry Kane was in a poor side he’d still score 15+ goals a season because he drops in gets the ball, creates himself chances. Top strikers go and find the ball and win their team the game, Martial does not do that, if United are struggling he will just stand on the centre back, honestly watch the Bournemouth, AZ away, Watford (before Pogba came on and he moved to the left), Everton, villa games he does the exact same thing. For me United will never challenge City/Liverpool with him as their number 9

  • @Staggz88 that’s because Rashford has moved to the left, when Martial was injured he has to play upfront where he is far less effective. Martial is a good link up player and has talent, but he’s not an effective number 9 for me

  • @ChazFI123 yeah I hear what your saying n get what you mean re: Kane. But I feel like we don’t give the guy chances, I feel if you put him in a ball playing team he’d be lethal. I do get the frustration about he don’t run around as others do but that’s not his game. I think getting a no9 is the least of the problems. Getting a whole new CM, LB,RW are urgent

  • @ChazFI123 yeah I agree he don’t suit upfront. But all the same people moaning about him not playing up front n then when he was up there he was shit. All I’m saying is if you swapped their nationalities Rashford would get loads of stick n Martial would have more respect 🤷‍♂️

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