Oops I did it again!!

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    And I've now just received a pop-up saying more IPOs out tomorrow !


    I never friggin learn 🙄😂

  • @ScouseSte Why have you done this again?

  • @Ellisandro it's CHRISTMAS 🎅🏻 😊. Taking a couple of days away from the index while nothing WAS happening.

  • Doubt your gonna miss much. The IPO’s tomorrow arent worth it and they normally slow the market down. Enjoy your Christmas

  • I was actually thinking the same for a week...Xmas to NYD.

  • @ScouseSte

    You are a shambles of a man. 🤣😘

    Don't worry about it, £2 for that kid Zirkzee at Munich. 🤷‍♂️🤯

    Young Ericali will be rubbing his hands. Every new IPO that is introduced at that price, only serves to make the penny stocks look more appealing.

  • @ScouseSte Who would you be after on that list at those prices? Think your money is better spent elsewhere. Will be tough to flip them at those prices and predicted spreads. Zirkzee looks good but hes already at a big club.

    @johnboywalker its good for the whole market.

    FI are pricing these kids high showing they predict the market to grow/more div rises.

  • I recently got on a load of existing 17-19 year old ‘wonderkids’ who IPO’d under the older & more reasonable pricing structure.

    There are some bargain top youngsters already out there compared to this lot. Much lower risk and people would pay double their current values for many of them if they IPO’d tomorrow.

  • To be fair even some more recent IPO's look cheap compared to these lot, but if by some chrismas miracle I manage to sell a few shares I am gonna try and be one of the first on young Xerxes

  • Won't frequent use of the time out function start to raise red flags with FI? I thought it was something they have to provide to help people who struggle to stop when the fun stops.

  • @ScouseSte said in Oops I did it again!!:


    And I've now just received a pop-up saying more IPOs out tomorrow !


    I never friggin learn 🙄😂

    Out of interest, how many times have you timed yourself out?

  • I actually had an email from FI saying my account was locked from deposits and withdrawals because they noticed I had been using the time-out frequently.

    They requested a statement from me about my current usage of the product and clarifying I don’t have any gambling problems before unlocking it promptly.

    I use the time-out a lot to ensure I don’t spend too much time on here - lots of 24/48 hour timeouts on Sunday evenings through to mid-week when I know my port is going to do nothing but drop.

    I know they are just following protocol but I’m a little reluctant to use the feature any more as it does make me wonder if they would take more serious action if I continued to use it.

  • Banned

    Actually this is good to know.

    I make money from gambling traditionally, roughly £100 a month. I never deposit more than £20 at a time and my bets are never more than £10 at most.
    I recently went on a drunken gamble weekend, and deposited in the hundreds, losing nearly £800. The software didn't flag anything up and instead of the usual 'bet £10 and get a free £5 bet' it gave me 'bet £200 and get a free £100 bet'.
    It wasn't money I could afford and I ended up taking it from FI.

    Totally my fault, I am not complaining in the slightest, but goes to show how easily people can lose huge sums, when someone as controlled as me (who literally logs EVERYTHING on a spreadsheet and is very anal about how I bet) can lose control so quickly.

  • I think if FI don't look further into it when they know someone is timing out frequently then they could end up getting into trouble themselves. I only mentioned it originally as I think there was a panorama or dispatches programme on a while back covering the topic.

  • @Yellow

    3 times in 12 months mate.

    2 times lasting 48hrs (I think) and that month long on throughout October 😐.

    2 days off does you the world of good, especially not being able to get involved in those IPOs yesterday. I would have loved to have got on a couple of them but I've been reading the horror stories about Cherki hitting £3.30 and plummeting £1 almost instantly? ? Scary stuff, never seen IPOs rinsed that much so quickly before.

  • @ScouseSte I was lucky enough to get a brilliant price for cherki but was probably a minute away from being one of those that got burned. Hes stabilizes now and is up about 20-22p from the bottom of his dip and will probably continue to rise steadily.

    Those who got on at the high end need to just have patience and it will come right. Hes still cheaper than other none pb youth players and considerably cheaper than camavigna. I'm sure they will come out of it ok in the end

  • @MickTurbo

    Yea I saw that mate, well done. I'd have tried to get on early myself if I wasn't timed out but knowing my luck i would be one of the poor souls paying £3.20+ for him!
    I only wanted to get involved to "flip" him though, no other reason. I know nothing about the kid 😂.

  • price only hit £3.35 because the site froze, everyone whose paid at near peak has been for want of a better word "screwed" and/or "unfortunate"



    See you people in a month! 👋

    Best of luck if you are actively trading during this time👍.
    Imma wait until balls are being kicked again, and not just mine!

    Stay healthy and stay prosperous chaps and chap-asses 💪😷🚀

  • Madness ^^^

    Don't do this folks, it's literally like entering a 100m race with a ball & chain around your ankles...

    Just log out.

    You at least want to have the OPPORTUNITY to react.

    Must have no self control.

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