Friday 24th December IPO Preview

  • Preview of the five players IPOing on Christmas Eve 2019. Doing it on mobile tonight due to lack of laptop access so excuse lack of formatting:

    Name: Joshua Zirkzee - Bayern Munich - Dutch - Age 18 - Price Range £1.50-2.00

    The Wunderkid who has scored two winners in 2 sub appearances for Bayern. The ironic thing is being a regular for Bayern II in Bundesliga 3 this season 14 appearances have yielded no goals. 3 UEFA youth champions league games have yielded 4 goals however. This is a hard one to judge, he has been highly regarded in Bayern’s youth teams for the last two years, but no one expected this intial impact. Bayern are light on forwards not named lewandowski, and one wonders where this leaves Jan fiete arp? Zirkzee has earned himself more chances but talent wise this kid is not the same caliber as Fabio Silva, Reinie etc. What he is doing is getting game time for one of the most traditionally dominant teams in Europe. Just don’t expect regular game time in 2020. The start price seems high.

    Rayan Cherki - Lyon - French - Age 16! - Price Range £1.20-£1.80

    The only 16 year old to appear in a PB league this season. A massive talent, Lyon love him and they are a club with a reputation of developing and giving game time to youngsters, they are in turmoil with their star forward just announced out for the season. This kid is an attacking midfielder who can play wide or through the middle. Has appeared quite regularly off the bench even before depay got injured. Great talent and could fly, has dominated the UEFA youth league with 4 goals and assist in 3 games. This guy has the talent to be amazing, and in a PB league to boot. Watch out.

    Dylan Levitt - Manchester United - English - Age 19 - Price Range £1.00-£1.50

    English and plays for Man United is the dream combination on FI and Dylan Levitt ticks both those boxes. A central midfielder who has starred for the under 23s this year with 3 goals and 4 assists this year. Played 90 minutes in Astana as United embarrassingly lost to the Europa league no hopers but Levitt was one of the positives to come from that encounter. However, hasn’t even seen the paddock in any league cup encounters this year and that must be a concern. Centre midfield is an obvious area of weakness for United so it could be argued that he will be further down the pecking order next season if they strengthen there. If he does force his way in against the odds, the hype that surrounds any man united youngster will mean he rises. It seems a long shot though. See Gomes, Angel.

    Bobby Adekayne - Lazio - Netherlands - Age 20 - Price Range £0.80 - £1.30

    Ex Liverpool youngster who plays as a winger or number 10. Has featured sporadically for lazio this year and made the bench plenty of times in serie a without seeing the paddock. Never a profilic scorer for Liverpool’s youth teams, soon to be 21 and with lazio crashing out of the Europa league one wonders what game time he will see this year. Seems a pricey gamble with that start price.

    Hwang Ui-Jo - Bordeaux -South Korea - Age 27 - Price Range £0.50-£1.00

    Profilic J league attacking mid who has had moderate success in his first season in Ligue 1. 3 goals and 2 assists. A respectable rather than prolific scorer in the j league in japan and k league in Korea. Has found himself on fairly insipid Bordeaux’s bench recently. PB scores suggest a blindfolded dart at bull chance of dividends and seems reliant on IPDs for value. Will have to wait for until the 2022 World Cup to get the chance to shine internationally too, which doesn’t help.

  • You make a strong case for Cherki, just a shame market selling anyone is off the table!

  • Dylan Levitt’s Welsh.

  • @MickTurbo Sorry to sound naïve but why is market selling not an option with IPO's ?

  • @MickTurbo I sold mbappe today on the rise. £3k ready to go on the ipos. Just not sure which one.

  • @Sill7 lack of liquidity. I've had shares in the queue for weeks and weeks.

    @Vespasian32 I've IS'd a couple of my low spread players raising a grand, with a view to buying back post IPO. I don't expect them to rocket between now and then with the WOM likely to be going into some of the IPO's. Theres 2 I like. Ideally there will be a good chunk of time between them both appearing if u follow 😉

  • Thats a decent summary thanks mate.

    Been around for a while but never got involved with IPOs before, but i'm tempted today.

    Will see if I can get on any early enough to justify

  • Hwang has landed

  • Hwang Ui Jo has just come out!

  • I only want a piece of Cherki but having not really dabbled in IPOs before, conscious dont want to get burnt. Still hasnt stopped me refreshing and refreshing and refreshing.......wife is saying that we are going out in a minute tho!

  • Zirkzee now out also

  • Zirkzee on and already expensive .....

  • @TotalPunt said in Friday 24th December IPO Preview:

    Zirkzee on and already expensive .....

    what did he drop at ? seen him like 2.21 now 2.10 ??

  • @nicky540 I dont know and I dont understand how the price is moving so much....which makes me think I am going to sit this game out!!!

  • lookinglike a reverse auction to me !? 2.05 now

  • @nicky540 went up so fast so quickly and now people cant get out. £2,00 for a Bayern youngster who Is in and around the first team doesn't seem too bad tbf.

  • Went to 2.25 at one point. Ticker went madder then usual. Doesn’t usually drop so quick.

  • @nicky540 dropped at 1.60

    @TotalPunt the price moves very quickly on ipos as people try to get on early to make decent profit by flipping then within 10 minutes, hence why he has dropped 20p ish from peak already, people listing to flip and lock in quick and easy profit

  • Can you IS IPO players?

  • @Sill7 No not usually. Often a week or more before you can

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