The rise of... FI

  • My whole port is doing well. Oct was great due to the Divs annoucement, November as expected retracted a bit after such a big rise, December is flying so far.

    All my port are proven divs winners, all will be going to the euros bar 2 (maybe 1 if Scotland somehow qualify!, the other being Neymar...because well he is Neymar) and most should go well into either the Uefa cup or the Champs league.

    The joys of having a port with an average share price of over £4 is I can sit back from now until the euros - only question is who to start buying next with the regular divs.


  • @RU99 Congrats! Looking very healthy. Who are your top 3 fav players you have in your port?

  • @DaveKN07 said in The rise of... FI:

    @RU99 Congrats! Looking very healthy. Who are your top 3 fav players you have in your port?

    No idea...of the 21 players I have I have 150 shares in each....Neymar will keep clearing up PB, Pogba is about to run into a great returns period, KDB is due a big surge when he gets a star man win, as will Kroos and Kimmich. Sterling, Kane and Rashford will be steady gains until the Euros, Sancho is posting strong PB now and will eat up some nice MB - and the likes of T Hazard, Skov & J Brant are vastly underpriced in my eyes considering the form they are coming in and their long term potential and will see big rises upon inevitable PB wins...

    In short I have a great feeling on what my port value will be in 6 months, and barring logging in once a day to spend dividends I just have to sit back and relax.

  • @DaveKN07 said in The rise of... FI:

    Hopefully you find the title very topical...

    Anyone seeing their port rising this week? I wont lie, I refused to log in at the start of December as I was seeing things drop.

    I'm still somewhat hurt that my 59 Ronaldo's have dropped 41p but I'm not panicking and will just see what the Champions League knock-out stages and the Euro's will do before selling up.

    However, my most recent purchases seem to be paying dividends... get it... no, okay.

    Pogba up 45p
    Demiral up 27p (Just gutted I only purchased 50 of him)
    Fernandes up 17p (Jumped on his post contract signing dip)
    Ziyech up 12p

    Then some smaller ones like

    Barella up 4p
    Dest up 1p

    I don't want this to sound like a brag, because remember I am 41p down on Ronaldo but surely this is a good sign going in to Jan?

    What do other people have that are shooting up right now? I'm still expecting Jan to help us all out massively.

    Apart from Kane who has stagnated at 15p in the green, I have Alonso for transfer buzz. If the rumours that Lamps is looking to get rid in Jan come true, he'll continue to rise.


  • 17 players in my port...Kimmich, Messi heavily down, Ronaldo , Gundogan, Pavard down everyone else rising or sitting nicely.
    Not worried about the downs as come CL knockouts and Euro 2020 build up will all increase and may look to list a couple of them.
    Confident in my port currently which also includes 3 transfer specs which should push up even more.
    Roll on second half of the season.

  • @Londoner if Alonso goes, who will replace him?

    Is it Emerson at Chelsea already, Chilwell, Telles, Sandro, Luke Shaw? Could be a jackpot if we pick correctly.

  • @Lukeroro Chilwell for me

  • @Feldy said in The rise of... FI:

    @Lukeroro Chilwell for me

    And then who replaces him at Leicester. I dont think James Justin is too comfortable on the left so they'll need to sign someone. Plus, they'll have the money.

  • Have I read it right? The Footie up 1375 on Christmas eve? That is a huge jump for one day if it is.

  • @Ralph-Wiggum said in The rise of... FI:

    Have I read it right? The Footie up 1375 on Christmas eve? That is a huge jump for one day if it is.

    Ipo's mate. That's the reason

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