• Just been looking through market and seen that ryan bertrand is 23p is this not really cheap If you compare him with players like Baines who is over 30p and hardly plays ? Schar at newcastle 50 p Rico bournemouth 50p I've bought in but am I missing something?

  • I'm a saints fan who has a huge amount of respect and love for Bertrand who still thinks he should have gone to Russia with the England squad. That said I think he's a risky purchase.

    Positives. He is our starting left back with absolutely no competition. This will remain until at least the end of the season. Next summer I reckon we will be getting in a back up left back or bring through vokins (my preference, hate buying squad fillers). Too much of the rest of the team needs investment and I don't think they will spend money on replacing Bertrand when they can get 1 more season out of him. But there lies the risk. I think he will either be permanently replaced end of next. I even think despite the fact he's would only be 31 that there is a risk of early retirement here. Football does not seem to be his love in life (fair enough) and I would be very surprised if he's still here. Or if he was he would be back up. You are then reliant on him moving to another pb club which is not guaranteed. If he doesn't he would be essentially worthless.

    So the risk here is can you make more than 24p from him next 18months? He's unlikely to get mb, pb or any cap app. So you are reliant on ipd. He currently has a 3p spread plus there is commision. I don't think he's returning you the goals and assists to make up for it. Good luck to you, but those would be the reasons I think he's a risky hold

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