What are people's final exit plans?

  • Why not invest in the next Perry Groves?

  • After two and a half years on the index I thought I was going to exit a few months ago when the index went a bit flat and then the div increase came along.

    Although Iโ€™ve only had a small increase since then I am more than content to keep my money in for a lot longer now. My reason is that the powers at FI HQ want to keep the platform growing. Div increase, huge marketing campaign, Nasdaq. Therefore I can only see an upwards trend from here.

    My new exit plan has changed to 2 years from now when I have hopefully made enough for a very substantial house deposit. So far Iโ€™ve turned ยฃ2k into ยฃ12,500 and now with a larger portfolio the gains are becoming greater.

  • Id like to still be playing during the 2022 World cup. That may well be my exit point.

  • Not really given it much thought but as soon as it gets too hard to make profit I will probably leave. I struggle enough as it is with my lack of football knowledge and don't do very well when everyone else on here seems to make good money.

  • @NewUser72082 good work ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • I intend to stay and play with pure profit. But will only keep that in until I feel we are at saturation point. OR the next betting opportunity comes along that can make me more profit.

  • I was intending to leave once I'd doubled my investment, but that is likely to be in the next month or so, so I think I will just keep my money in until I need to take it out, which won't be for a while.

  • I'll stay as long as I can make money. MB/PB difficult to win but CA is still reasonably possible.

  • Iโ€™m going out in a hail of gunfire ๐Ÿ˜

  • @Londoner said in What are people's final exit plans?:

    I'll stay as long as I can make money. MB/PB difficult to win but CA is still reasonably possible.

    Probably the most sensible response. Why would anyone think...."well I'll double my money and then quit" if there is still significant growth in the platform? Who walks away from an investment that is still significantly growing?

    If you have proved to yourself that you can double your money once, you can likely do it again.

    No exit plan for me ATM. Been here 13 months and making more money now than I ever have.

  • @Ellisandro said in What are people's final exit plans?:

    Why not invest in the next Perry Groves?

    Tom Davies?

  • Double my original stake, withdraw the original stake at that point, play a bit riskier with the half profit and see what happens then

  • I personally really don't like this, or similar questions. Do we ask ourselves what our exit strategy is on Skybet or Ladbrokes? To me, these kind of questions make it sound like FI is on borrowed time and that we should all be ready to take our money and run before it collapses.

    Why do we need an "exit strategy" from a revolutionary platform that is still in its infancy? And if we do "exit" and take all our profits with us, what are we gunna do with it all? Piss it all away over the next few months when we're tempted back into the regular bookies?

    Exiting FI means those Friday night Bundesliga matches are no longer of any interest anymore. The breaking media stories of more big names turning down United can't make you money anymore. Ohhh it's going to be a lonely place for those who leave FI for good - there is simply nothing so engrossing and enthralling and rewarding and just downright FUN as this platform we are all lucky enough to be a part of right now.
    Yes, it will get harder to make such big returns over the coming years as the numbers of new users plateau, but there will be "the next Messi' being hailed every season amongst hundreds of other young hopefuls added to the index regularly, The Ferris wheel won't stop, people. And I'm happy to keep on spinning with it!



  • I don't understand why fi is an attack on the bookmakers. Just because people can't make money from the bookmakers and they can on here doesn't mean that making money gambling is harder.

  • @ScouseSte because at some point do you not want to spend the money

  • @MUFC said in What are people's final exit plans?:

    @ScouseSte because at some point do you not want to spend the money

    Maybe, set yourself quarterly targets and if you exceed the target, take a bonus.

    That way you can grow and spend.

  • @ScouseSte agree with this. I always have a foot out the door cos at some point the Mrs will be asking for money on an extension or new house... But I keep explaining the longer she allows me on the index the better. Give me another 2 years and I reckon I'll pay the mortgage off.

    Biggest mistake I made was withdrawing 50k and putting it into other investments and paying off some mortgage. I did that too early, when like many, I was still 'wary' of FI and wanted to take profit etc. The gains are exponential, the only reason I'll take money out from personal choice again will be for discipline to build a cash balance in my bank instead of the app... Cos I spend it too quick if i leave it in FI and don't have spare money when ipo comes around! Last ipo was first time i had a grand or so to play with and doubled my money in a couple of hours

  • @MUFC said in What are people's final exit plans?:

    @ScouseSte because at some point do you not want to spend the money

    Sure, but a complete "exit strategy"??

    Football will go on forever, and as long as we still love the game and as long as there are still enjoyable ways to profit from it (such as FI) then why even consider jacking it all in?

    As @Dan-The-Man said, just take out some profit on a regular basis and then you can still grow your port whilst receiving income. Win - win!

    One final point regarding a "complete exit" from FI...
    A VERY big fish called A.S.P. left Football Index earlier this year (taking his huge ROI with him) and then went on a Twitter tirade slagging off the platform. I now belive he is back again! ๐Ÿ™ˆ.
    All that money he lost in commission because he sold up! Only to return a few months later and inevitably have to buy in at higher prices too ๐Ÿ˜.

    Football Index is like the old Italian mafia:


    Anyone who has been on the platform for at least the last 6 months, ain't gettin out...ever! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • @ScouseSte

    I donโ€™t think he ever left really, I think he was just attention seeking

  • @ScouseSte yea true may get to 30k if I can and then take my initial investment leaving 15k at least then I'm completely risk free

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