Dear Santa

  • Please can I have a bot for Christmas. I want to be able to make sh1t loads of money through buying and selling IPOs, but I can’t be bothered to actually do any research/work for them.

    FI show no interest in making the IPO process fair. This will be the death of FI, one day in the future, unless they actually try and sort the process out. No good advertising on buses when new users can’t invest efficiently in new stock unless they’ve got a bot.

    Who remembers the old days of the weekly IPOs when there were hardly an users, back when AS used to do reviews...those were the days,

  • Currently in the early stages of teaching myself coding - Creating a bot like this would be pre-school stuff for even the most inexperienced software developers -So much so that I’m certain there are loads in use.

    Auto search and auto purchase (quantity x300) functions if purchase price < £2.

    And loop/repeat.

  • @Bernie-Madoff

    I am not/haven't got a bot and I got cherki 8p above IPO, could have had zirkzee 6p above, the Korean lad 3p, Levitt 5p and the other fella 10p, and that last one I didn't even try to be quick

  • Got Cherki for £1.35 and I was at work 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • There is an element of luck to being on at the right time for low price purchases, I was on the app and seen load of cherki going through so treated myself to a 1000 at 1.61

  • Got Cherki at 1.40 - no bot required!

    Maybe be quicker next time 👍

  • @WhiteGooner Got Turkey at £4.99 - beat that...

  • No Cherki for Tiny Tim this Christmas.

    Surely there has to be a better implementation of IPOs that does not rely on bots, or having to keep mashing the search button for two hours and hoping the system doesn't freeze when the player you want is released to market.

  • @WhiteGooner love it

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