Half The Price

  • Who, out of the current top 200 (£1.50 and above) will be half the price this time next Christmas?

    Nicolas Pépé for me... isn’t a top player and will work his way back out of the prem/ to West Ham in the next year or so!

  • All of the super oldies. Wouldn't surprise me if Christiano Ronaldo was around that kind of number next year

  • Minamino for me

  • @Sutt98 Double the price for me.

  • @TeamGB no chance on this planet, won't even play

  • Alejandro Gomez is already on a large decline. Might not half in price from where he currently is but he will drop out of the top 200 and probably be £1ish in 12 months time.

  • @MUFC Wish I could have a bet with you about that!

  • @TeamGB I don't gamble 😂

  • @MUFC You just invest 😀

  • I’ll go with the obvious choice..........Haaland. Anything other than a united move will spell trouble for his price.
    Wish you could lay players on FI!!!

  • Second that. Even if he goes to United I still think his price will steadily drop once PB and MB doesn’t materialise. Any other move and he drops like a stone.

  • @NewUser115892 bit far for this sort of forum

  • @MUFC not quite the same but reminds me a bit of the de light transfer saga. He dropped best part of 100% peak vs current price and it was very obvious at the time that he would.
    Like I say not quite the same, but not a player I would go near at current price

  • Dont understand the whole haaland saga...yes he's high because he's linked with united but getting into a pb league will be big news alone...dortmund would be a great move and didnt exactly harm sancho's growth - he's 19 and a beast already...being in a better side with better players will help and he's inevitably going to be linked with moves to England in the future if he doesn't move this time.

    Personally if he goes to a dortmund of even a juve I'll be topping up if he drops considerably as he's a striker with huge potential and could be a world beater. Comparing him to de ligt is a bit pointless as well have seen that a few times now...de ligt is a centre half....who are all undervalued as harder to with pb as it's usually full backs who get the better scores so a striker who's job is to score goals should definitely be hotter property if like I'd expect him to, he slots in well.

    Obviously I think united would be a great short term move for the index, dortmund would be the best move for his career and longer term index. Juve I'm undecided on but i think he's good enough to be a big hit in Italy too but Germany would be a slightly easier transition in a very attacking dortmund side. Either way i fancy him to be a top top player in the future.

  • Banned

    @BlameItOnTraore same on this mate ppl think englands the be all & end all...any top club in the ecl will likely warrant a rise...
    .especially if hes in a team with quality playmakers goals galore

    de ligt just rose for the saga itself media wise..
    soo as he moved to juve he dropped like a sack of shit because i was one of the ones still holding him 3 months afta because id forgotten to see was £60 in the red haha

  • @BlameItOnTraore if Haaland moves to Dortmund it would likely be catastrophic for his current price. The reason Sanchos price is so high is because of the fact he’s ENGLISH and because of this will attract lots of media attention and because it’s likely hes going to move to England. Because you can only hold a player for three years means that if he moves to Dortmund it will more than likely discard the possibility of him moving to England within the 3 year timeframe which would be detrimental for any media attention he would get had he moved to England. In addition Sancho is beginning to show real PB potential which is something that would be highly unlikely for Haaland within the next three years as Sancho is one of if not the only very young (u21) forward in any PB league with consistent high PB scores.

  • Yeah Haaland to Dortmund wouldn't be good for his price. Why would he deserve to be double the price of Brandt or Thorgan Hazard...both of whom could play a key part in Euro 2020 too.

    People would hold out of stubbornness which would help keep his price up. Look at João Felix...yes he is £1 lower than his highest price now but he is still almost £4 for literally no reason at all. There will be no transfer spec, his club are notoriously bad for PB, he will very rarely get any MB and yet he's a £4 player. João Felix for me is the worst hold on the index right now (pound for pound) but Haaland wouldn't be far off that crown if he is £5ish and then moves to Dortmund.

  • @El-maestro you're forgetting Haaland was born in England, granted he doesn't play for England but I've seen it loads of times, the boy from Leeds linked with a move to England...and speculation wont stop although agreed it wouldn't be good for his short term price on the index. Again joao felix is a good player, atletico madrids system or the way they play don't suit the index very well, they have a lot of very good players but rarely are amongst it...plus i personally think Haaland has all the raw ingredients to be a top class striker and there's a serious shortage of out and out strikers at the moment... lewandoski, kane are the 2 standouts for me but certainly room for more. Personally think wherever he goes he's be a success and will continue to be Linked to moves to England due to his connection with England eg his dad playing here for years and being born here..i also think he'll be a much bigger success than joao felix but that's just my opinion.

    To be honest i think most of the people panicking havent seen much of the kid play...which is worrying on all levels just buying for the sake of buying. If he moves to Dortmund I'll be certainly getting involved when he has his inevitable drop.

    Depends what way you're looking at it but I'd be surprised if in 2 years or so Haaland isn't been linked all over the place again if not sooner depending how successful he is. Also Norway still have an outside chance of making the euros...and if they did he would be their star man and will be for years... where as the comparison with Brandt and hazard while semi relevant doesn't stack up to be as neither will ever be their countries star man...as much as i rate Brandt in particular.

  • Probably wont make any friends saying this but messi for me. I'll be absolutely all over him if he is tho

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