Festive Research

  • Anyone with some spare cash this Christmas could do worse than look into Saman Ghoddos on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPl_iCAVTlQ

    My own thoughts are he's an attacking, skillful, forward thinking player and long shot/direct free kick specialist. He moved to Amiens last summer and had been getting very high scores on sofa score until he was suspended - 4 month suspension for something to do with his former club reneging on an agreement with Huesca to sign him - Amiens since signed him and looking at their league position I can see him walking back into the team when the suspension elapses.

    He has only recently had a bit of a price rise from 39p to 46p - Still plenty of room for movement as he gets closer to his return date (38 days from now) ..so fill your boots!!! lol

  • @Wiillaah

    Gone from 32p to 49p in the last week - how many did you buy? Just looking suspiciously like a festive pump & dump operation atm.

    He appears to have 4G & 5A in 30 games for Amiens so wondering why you think he should be worth more than 50p?

  • I was in for a few at 32 and 33p on the basis of his ban ending. His goal scoring in Sweden was far better, but a weaker league I guess.

    I think there still some room for growth. May be 60p?

  • @NewUser159387 I believe in the players potential so I've bought 300, he's a risk in that he doesn't really have a pb history to judge his performances historically which mightn't suit some people's trading strategy. I'm just suggesting he's worth a look a he appears to suit the matrix and is still a low price at 46p but each to their own..

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