Neymar or Messi

  • Who do you think will win more divs by the end of the season? Messi has been a regular winner but Neymar being back could change that. Any other forwards who you think could win more than the both of them?

  • @Willhurr very good question!! I’d maybe sway with Messi just coz of Neymars previous “injury breaks” in the new year.
    But no doubt these 2 are the best PB players by far, can’t really go wrong with either

  • Neymar for me

  • Just go for both. I hold both in large numbers and regularly enjoy the huge dividends they both produce. People will tell you messi is not worth it anymore, remember FI are expanding into new territories. Who do you think most new users will invest in when that time comes..Will always be the GOAT 🧙‍♂️🐐🚀

  • I think they both are sure to win divs, but both have risks. Neymar leaving PSG could effect his score, plus he seems to be injured a lot. Messi brings in divs often but for how long? Neymar probably smashes it cappapp wise if he does ok but will people be put off by Messi'd age, leading to less growth even with all the new users that will join

  • Whilst Neymar has short term risks attached to him based on his injury history he also has a lot more going for him compared to messi based on the fact that he is 5 years younger

    Capp app wise Neymar is far more likely to rise by 30/40% in the next 12months (£10/£11) than Messi is

    PB Wise - i would say they ae on a par at the moment with Messi shading it currently but Neymar shading it long term
    MB Wise Neymar all day long (apart from when Messi announces his retirement in 2/3 years) at which point i would want to have been well out of any trade involving him months beforehand

  • It seems to me that Messi is better to buy atm due to his low price, I think he'll win more divs than Neymar in the next 6 months too. But timing it right is the challenge. Also like you said Neymar will be £10 soon

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