Lucas Hernandez / Pavard young defenders

  • Looking at young defenders and to be exact French..Lucas Hernandez and pavard , both in French squad with World Cup coming up soon ..both have potential for big moves ( pavard linked with Spurs and Liverpool ) are they worth investing in ? At cheapish prices too

  • @NewUser107208 You're a touch late on Hernandez unfortunately - he's just had a big rise as Luis got injured tonight and he will probably be the replacement. But on the other hand he is likely to get more game time now and is a good prospect. I'd be wary about jumping in now in case you get caught out by flippers who just jumped on the injury factor though, but maybe keep an eye on where his price goes from here and jump in when it suits you.

  • Just want to point out additionally that I don't own any of either and am not trying to push you to do anything - if you think now is the right time for either or both go ahead! :)
    (Felt a bit guilty as I see Lucas H has actually risen 2p more since I suggested it might be better to wait rather than buy now ...)

  • Yeh no worries mate ! All feedback is great , I've invested in Pavard more , great stats for him in the bundesliga and think will have a massive move , I got a few Hernandez before the big rise .. I'm
    Targeting young French players it seems they are breaking through quickly into the national team !

  • @Devil111 Good stuff. Yeah they have a very exciting squad at the moment with lots of options in most positions! One the one hand that provides plenty of possibilities to profit from, on the other it makes picking the right ones more difficult ... I think Pavard is a pretty good shout though as even if he doesn't make the WC squad there's a good chance he'll get transfer links as you mentioned. And if no move happens at least he's already posting decent scores in a PB league.

  • I have neither but think both are a great shout, will wait till they drop back off and probably invest in at least one myself of the two I feel Pavard may be the one to really kick on

  • Yes pavard playing for Stuttgart only matter of time he moves ! Spurs and Liverpool need a CB,both still rising and Lucas will get more time now luis is injured . I will wait too closer to world up for squads but either way both have great futures