Tier 2 Promotion Players in PB Countries. Profiles/Info/Updates

  • I've brought a couple of players that fit the bill to the attention of the forum and they appear to have been fairly well received.

    I've been doing it in the sub 20/sub 40 threads which is fine, and I will continue to use those threads to initially put a player forward. But rather than hijacking those threads to say Barberis has done this or Le Goff has done that, I've created this thread which I will update from time to time just to keep people abreast of how the promotion push is going with certain players who I've put forward and who several of you lot have had a dabble on. I'll mention how they are performing, and any other news that might be relevant to holders/potential holders.

    Those of you who have bought in to any I've mentioned will no doubt have at least half an eye on how things develop going forward but those who are interested but have upto now kept your powder dry probably aren't going to be looking out for Crotone or Lorient results.

    There isnt gonna be loads of spam about rockets or trains or owt like that. But for example theres a full round of serie B games today so I'll let ppl know how Crotone and their promotion rivals get on and anything news worthy from Barberis.

    I've got my eye on some other players that fit the bill so as I post them in the sub 20/sub 40 I will then begin to add similar updates for those players

  • @MickTurbo Ive started to monitor the German second tier, although I have not spare cash currently; once Ive actually purchased some Ill lend a hand mate.

    Im happy with my Euros port so in the next month time to start planning for next season.

  • @Sav2000 yeh that would be most welcome. Bundesliga 2 is still wide open but there are players there I'm definitely interested in myself.

    Ultimately this will probably lead to me slugging it out with one or other of yas in a pub car park somewhere in the Midlands come May but if we can all make a few quid from it then hey ho 不不

  • This has reminded me to start checking tables now, whos will be in europe, who will get relegated......

  • Top thread something I'd not even considered in looking into, lower divisions whilst trying to figure out this index. Nice work

  • Good idea @MickTurbo

    If you dont mind Ill chip in with the first bit of info - a fair bit of money went into Jimmy Cabot at Lorient shortly after your Le Goff tip (rose from 20p to 30p in a couple of days).

    Hes since confirmed he is leaving Lorient at the end of the season and the strongest links seem to be to CSKA Sofia in Bulgaria and Colorado Rapids in the MLS.

    Possibly one to avoid!

  • @Coleyscrooge yeh I remember that. It was pretty clear at the time that Jimmy Cabot's rise was linked to that of Le Goff. Plays for the same team on the opposite flank so the appeal was virtually identical, and happened a day later iirc.
    I left him alone myself but I reckon a fair amount of Le Goff holders will also be Cabot holders.

    Transfer links/contract talks are something else I will aim to document in this thread. After all if a promotion doesn't happen theres always the Mason Mount scenario. On that note, Barberis' contract with Crotone is up on 30/6/20

  • @MickTurbo Big Mick, when do you think will be a good time to sell up on these promotion candidate trades? Assuming they make it all the way, is it worth holding onto or get out at the end of the season?

  • @Martin-M that's not an easy question. The thing is I could just go through all the leagues and pump any and all players who are at a club that have a chance of promotion. They would probably rise as well. But absolutely anyone could do that. And the get out point would very definitely be when promotion was confirmed or appearing very likely. Here's the but.

    BUT, I'm trying to pick out a player who appears to suit the PB matrix. I believe that in Le Goff and Barberis I have done that, therefore whilst I wouldn't blame you for getting out if and when their teams are flying and you're in good profits, theres a possibility that these 2 could keep rising well into next season if

    1. They are in fact playing PB football
    2. Their PB scores are showing promise.

    They would still have absolutely loads of growth even as purely IPD players to be honest so in short I'd say it's a little while off yet

  • @MickTurbo Yeah its tough to judge, each player will be different. I own 3 potentials and am up over 瞿100 combined between the 3 already. Still loads of potential, but risky business and must be watched for sure!

  • Yesterday I bought some shares of Nicolas Benezet, returning from MLS to Guingamp (2nd in League 2)
    Played in League 1 until last year, thus he may move immediately to a League 1 team or stay at Guingamp. I dont have stats, but from Sofascore I understand he has a PB max in League 1 > 220

    What do you think about him? Asking because you seem very knowledgeable about those teams and players

  • @NewUser455434

    I'm not really that knowledgeable mate. I just get my research hat on from time to time and really get stuck into a handful of players at a time using all the resources I have to hand as well as the all important eye test where possible. Sometimes I'll find what I feel is a completely unknown player with a PB game and therefore huge potential for growth. When I do I'll share my findings.

    I don't know anything really about this Benezet to be honest but from what you say he fits the bill of a player with the potential to be in a pb league next season. If that happens then without a shadow of a doubt he will rise. But as I've hinted at, there will be probably 6/7 teams each in 5 separate divisions full of players that have that same potential.

    Before I was prepared to call him a good buy I would want to know a lot more about him because there's no substance in me saying hes under valued just based on the fact he might get promoted. I might as well just advise people to back Guingamp to get promoted.

    All I can advise you to do is make sure you've learned all you can about him and also about Guingamp. Because that is the all important factor, will they get promoted?! I factored this into my buys, I fancy Crotone for promotion and I fancy Lorient for promotion.

    If they do, and if Benezet has some actual substance to back his price up then he is valuable, if they go up but he cant get close to PB then in real terms hes scarcely anymore valuable in ligue 1 than he is in ligue 2. And if they don't go up at all it's essentially dead money.

    One final thing, but it's a biggie, and it relates to researching the player and the team, Guingamp are actually 8th in ligue 2 and some way off a promotion spot, and not 2nd as you stated. You've got to take a lot more notice before u buy than you appear to have done


  • @MickTurbo Barberis price is sinking like the Titanic, I am holding but have I missed something? Crotons won 3-0 today??

  • @Martin-M the nature of trading at low end... Doesnt take a lot to see a big (%) rise... A few traders buying high volume... One sells and no one else really has confidence in the player cos he's so cheap and unknown so they sell in panic.

    Mick found a good player and the natural progression is that the price will rise nearer the end of the season. Good to get on early, for my books a little too early... But once on, ignore the mental ups and downs... Always some vulture looking to make a quick buck out of a publicised tip.

    Or sell on the rise.. Wait for the crash and buy back in etc.

    There will be people reading this that bought at 25p+ today and have sold at a loss... If you are on of these people... Have a strong word with yourself.

  • @Martin-M other than profit taking I cant understand it. I suppose there will have been ppl holding even before I posted about him. If you were one of these ppl then i guess you would be getting rid. Even some of those who got on at 20p will have. Nature of the beast mate. Another very positive day for Crotone. I've got some more data from the match and from other results which I will post tonight.

    Crotone made 2 subs in the last 5 minutes and neither were to replace him. Therefore it's highly unlikely hes injured although it's not easy to confirm this. If theres nowt to say hes injured in a day or 2 we can assume he is not.

    I wouldn't let it worry u mate. The reason for buying still remains and is stronger now than it was 24 hours ago.

    Out of interest what was your buy price mate?

  • @Vespasian32 Haha...no, I just happened to be reading Micks post at the time he posted it the other day. I got in at 19p so all good, was just wondering if he got injured or something? I am happy to hold on for the ride.

  • @MickTurbo Yeah I had look at the stats on sofa scores and couldnt see anything, was just worried I missed an injury or something, all good! Cheers

  • @Martin-M nah don't think so. If ppl saw him touch 30p earlier and regret not getting on board nows ya chance

  • @MickTurbo Good shout, I guess I could have done the same and taken a little cash. Still trying to get to grips with the timing of the getting out make a bit of cash and then get back in again trick!

  • @Martin-M that's about the only game I don't play lol

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