Thomas Muller

  • Fairly new to this and seem to be doing ok overall, not too many bad decisions although Batshuayi has dropped on me quite dramatically. But with the World Cup approaching I've been trolling the index looking for some possible bargains. Thomas Muller is one that has me intrigued, as far as I can see (and I'm hoping some of you stat buffs will chip in here) he doesn't seem to do much in the way of pb? Not really interested in mb as he'll never compete with some of the big mb names but he's always performed well for the national side and will surely pick up some during the World Cup? And when you compare his price to others that you could argue he is on par with he's surely worth a punt? And no I don't hold any Muller well not yet at least. What's everyone's thoughts?

  • @Mpope81 my only concern is that he fluctuated around £1 for a long time till only very recently. He's clearly a quality player but I think it's a combination of the CL for Bayern and the world cup upcoming that has bumped his price up. Possibly he may be linked to a PL club in the summer too. Not sure if he'll rise much further but don't let me put you off mate.

  • Came in after his £1 fluctuation would have jumped all over that! And hadn't factored in a move personally can't see a move happening though you never know? Think I will watch his price and see where it's heading as I was originally looking at it as he was low at the moment

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