End of a decade

  • Just wondered what everyone’s 1) favourite player from their club of the decade? 2) favourite moment in club/international football of the decade? 3) favourite FI moment of this decade?
    Happy new year everyone!

  • Big Dave ( utd).

    Got be be england winning a pen shoot out, I’m 42 so seen a few misses!.

    Sharesplit easily.

  • @ChazFI123 said in End of a decade:

    Just wondered what everyone’s 1) favourite player from their club of the decade? 2) favourite moment in club/international football of the decade? 3) favourite FI moment of this decade?
    Happy new year everyone!

    Good questions!

    1. Hard to say, for entertainment value possibly Ricardinho.

    2. Potter at Wembley to seal promotion probably, more recently sealing promotion again or any number of the wins against Swindon.

    3. Share split was a laugh. Forum wise maybe Andy M throwing tantrums and then coming back all the time.

    1. christ, best boro player of the decade? Jesus. Probably have to say George Friend or Adam Clayton. Both of whom are finished
    2. Best club moment. 1-1 draw at home with Brighton. Last day of the 15-16 season, sealing our promotion to the PL
      International football - Harry Kanes last minute winner vs Tunisia in the world cup last year. I was sat in a bar on Crete with the Mrs and 2 jocks giving me hell, then it happened and I'm stood on a table giving it "Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol Gol" like a Brazilian commentator. Yeh I was fuckin mashed
    3. Probably any time a last minute goal/assist has won me gold day divs. TAA assist vs villa maybe

  • Hatem Ben Arfa as a Newcastle fan. Genuinely one of the most exciting players I’ve ever watched, his solo goals against Blackburn and Bolton stand out. Special mention to Papis Demba Cisse for those four months when he was the best striker in the world.

    Witnessing Jonas Guiterez assist one goal and then score another, after coming back from testicular cancer, to keep us in the PL. Then celebrating by running to the stand where Ashley was sitting and cupping his hands to his ears. This was in response to finding out the club was letting him go via an overheard telephone conversation between the management and another team mate. Him winning a law case against his dismissal was great news and a big FU to the FCB. Truly disgraceful behaviour from the club and another reason it piss*s me off to hear journos and analysts defending Mike Ashley.

    On a happier note Leicester winning the league is possible the sporting moment of the decade, was chuffed for them even though we got relegated in the same season.

    Winning PB dividends for the first time. Wasn’t really sure of the product in the early days but seeing the divs start to role in made me love it. Thank you Eden Hazard.

    Happy new year everyone and hears to a very profitable 2020. 🤑🤞🥂💪

  • Favourite player was Suarez

    Favourite moment for club has to be "corner taken quickly. ...Origiiiiiii!!!"

    Favourite FI moment has to be the dividend increase - without that, I'd have probably left the platform

  • As a rangers fan this decade has been shit and not much to cheer about but go for

    1/ fav player Morelos
    2/ best moment Gerrard being appointed manager
    3/best FI moment joining it in July

    Roll on 2020 tick tock.....

  • Best Player:
    has to be Clint Dempsey. Just beating Jimmy "the BullDog" Bullard and and Brede Hangeland.

    Best Footballing Moments:
    Fulham related, obviously winning the play off final at Wembley was the peak. As far as moments go, 3-1 down after the first leg of the Europa quarter finals against Juventus and winning 4-1 at the Cottage was immense.

    Special shout out to Brazil 1-7 Germany in the World Cup. Just wow!!!

    FI moments:
    Luis Advincula PB win!
    Andy M

  • Realised I didn’t put mine!

    1. Got to be David De Gea
    2. Probably Rashford’s winner against PSG just beating out England’s last minute winner against Tunisia, unreal memories walking down the road with everyone saying it’s coming home and Oasis playing in every pub
    3. Got to be the div announcement but joining FI and the forum last year was definitely a personal highlight

  • @CJ0101 can't argue with 1 and 2...although cisse's double v chelsea was good on a selfish note since i had a lucky dip scorecast.

    Been on since about May so I think the best point was when i doubled up on my orginal deposits hopefully 2020 will continue on that path.

    Happy new year everyone

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