Portfolio opinion

  • Right now im holding
    Griezman (5.18)
    Messi (8.90)
    Ronaldo (7.47)
    pogba (5.16)
    Sanchez (4.28)
    Hazard (5.95)
    5x vrsjaliko (0.83)
    Mctominay (1.09)
    Built arround champions league and also buying when they were low. I also built it to be profitable in the enxt 10 days with triple MB. whats your opinion guys ? () is bought price

  • Not sure about Sanchez, he isn't getting PB and not doing great for MB. I like the rest though

  • Seems sound but I agree about Sanchez - not playing well, no CL, no WC, no transfer rumours - he would need to suddenly start scoring loads or playing amaze-balls, even then no guarantee of PB, could be wrong but prob not the best pick at the mo

  • Swap Sanchez for Rashford and you're all set. Should get good divs over international break, invest that in low cost players that you think are undervalued, see if you can build on that and let the main portfolio do its work👌

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